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Help Me Plant A Forest

Let's plant a forest! New Leaf Energy will plant one tree for every new like of it's #PlantingWithPablo FB page. Imagine the difference we can make with just a simple click

Tree for a Like

I think by now most of you know I am sucker for a good cause and if the steps to get there are simple things anyone can do, than I am all about spreading the word.

I took the rest of December off from writing, consulting, and pretty much everything that doesn’t involve focusing on my family, but when the opportunity to promote New Leaf Energy came down the pipes and they told me they were planting a tree for every new like they received on Facebook from now till the 23rd of December … visions of fields of trees starting dancing in my head.

* Yes, New Leaf Energy hired me to share easy ways your family can go green, but the idea to plant this forest is mine all mine.
Our simple green story will come in a follow-up post next week.

I just REALLY, REALLY enjoy a fun challenge for a good cause.

So what do you say?
Help me plant 1,000 trees by Christmas?

It only takes 2 seconds of your time and one click of you finger — LET’S DO THIS!!


We’ve planted 60 trees already, I’m betting we can exceed our goal, who’s with me?!

I’ll update this page each day to keep you posted on our progress

Update: We planted 148 trees yesterday! What a day, and an accomplishment we can all be proud of. Do you know 148 trees can provide enough oxygen each day for 592 people?! (source)

12/16: We’ve planted our first 200 trees!

12/23: We’re up to 330 trees – that’s great, but not nearly as much as we’d hoped for. Can you help us?

Share your ideas on how to teach our children to go green #PlantingWithPablo