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How to make a pom pom crown

How to make a pom pom crown

Here’s an easy handmade project you can make with your kids,

Pom Pom Jingle Bell Headpiece

Gifts Kids Can Make: Pom Pom Crown
Remember all those diy bracelet and necklace ideas we found using Bing Smart Search last week? Well, here’s the simple DIY we came up with inspired by those tutorials.

We made dozens of poms poms in lots of colors, and jingled around the house all day, but in the end we knew we needed something a little more special for her to wear this year.
How to make a pom pom headpiece To make your own jingle bell headpiece, you will need:

– a cheap bangle (we got ours from the thrift store)
– two skeins of yarn
– two large jingle bells

Use one skein of yarn to make three medium sized pom poms, we used the fork method to create ours but used a spatula instead to get the larger size. Note: if you use a spatula like we did, you will have to carefully slip the yarn off of the spatula before you tie your knot in the center. Trim your pom poms, but leave the tails long so you can tie them on to the bangle. Use yarn to secure the poms poms and thread the bells on to the bangle. Wrap the bells with yarn to help sturdy them and hold them in place. Once you have a pattern: pom pom, bell, pom pom, bell, pom pom, use a coordinating yarn to wrap the remainder of the bangle until the entire piece is covered. We used a decorative yarn like this one.

You can pin the headpiece in place or leave a foot or more of yarn loose so when you place it around a bun as we did here, you can wrap the loose yarn around the bun several times and it can be worn free of pins and more comfortably for little heads.

Gifts Kids Can Make: Pom Pom Headpiece for Girls

I’m still working on my tutorial skills, you can see the extra yarn we used to wrap around the bun and hold the piece in place in this photo (white & gold – above) if you have any questions about how to make a pom pom headpiece or need more photos let me know in the comments and I will do my best to explain. I promise this is a super simple DIY since those are the only kind we do around here!

This project makes a unique gift for girls and is an excellent advent activity for children as we start counting down to Christmas.

Thanks again to Bing for inspiring this project. We’d love to see what kind of project you’d create — how about a little giveaway to help you get ready for the holiday craft season.

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