10 DIY Bracelets & Necklaces

Today’s post is sponsored by Bing. I was happy to accept their challenge to use Bing Search to come up with a unique DIY craft project.

I knew I wanted to come up with a project my daughter and I could do together. She’s so much more creative than I am and she thinks craft time is the best time, so I encourage her to create new things every chance she gets.

We’ve made jingle bell bracelets and even sparkly beaded statement necklaces for Christmas gifts in the past. I felt like something bright and colorful, yet soft and fun — maybe with a hint of jingle was in order this time around.

Bing Smart Search

I started my search with jingle bell bracelets, and was happy to see Bing recommended right there in the search box I try jingle bell bracelets for kids (first picture). The results (middle pic) got me thinking about how we could modernize the classic jingle bell a bit and maybe even glam it up a notch too!

I thought pom poms might add the fun factor I was looking for so I scanned the image search (bottom pic) for inspiration and even bookmarked a few how to make pom pom videos for us to watch together.

Here’s a few of the awesome DIY projects I found to use as inspiration for our jewelry craft

10 DIY Bracelets & Necklaces

Collecting DIY bracelet ideas to do with the kids over the holidays #ThisisBing

1. Gumball Bracelet
2. Pipe Cleaner Bell Bracelet
3. Woven Pom Pom Bracelet
4. Jingle Bell Bracelet
5. Pom Pom Bangle

Collecting DIY necklace ideas to make for the holiday gifts #ThisisBing

6. Pom Pom Ribbon Necklace
7. Gray & Yellow Necklace (similar)
8. Pom Pom Necklace (similar)
9. Mardi Gras Statement Necklace
10. Mini Pom Pom Necklace

We’ve been busy crafting, want to see what we came up with? Check out our fun project here.

Thanks again to Bing for inspiring this project. We’d love to see what kind of project you’d create — how about a little giveaway to help you get ready for the holiday craft season.

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    My little cousins are all into making jewelry right now! They are also loving that people aka family buy them from them haha They know how to pull our hearts! I’m going to have to get them some supplies to make a few of these!

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    I love all of the options here and they seem easy enough to make without any struggling lol. I’m sure my daughter would love this idea she is also pretty craft and loves creating patterns.

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    I have never heard of Bing! Or maybe I did but never looked in to it. Very clean cut and I love that its not a bunch of writing, you can actually see previews of the webpages!

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