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10 Simple Pumpkin Crafts

I did something kinda cool yesterday. I taped a news segment in my living room!

I had a chance to chat with Natasha of HLN Weekend Express about all those fabulous, but simple pumpkin crafts we’ve seen popping up on Pinterest this year. I’m a huge fan because they’re super fun to do with the kids and none of them require carving. I’ve featured a few of my favorites here, catch the clip below to see which ones we discussed on air.


10 simple pumpkin crafts that dont involve carving

From Top to Bottom, L-R:
Watercolor Pumpkins — Nest of Posies
Sharpie Pumpkins — The Happy Housie
Fun Mummy Pumpkin — Sparkles & A Stove
Pom Pom Pumpkins — Design Improvised
Monogrammed Pumpkins — Mom.me
Blinged Out Pumpkins — Denise Designed
Glitter Pumpkins — A Glimpse Inside
Chalkboard Pumpkins — Living on Love
Washi Tape Pumpkins — The Grant Life
FrankenPumpkin — ARG Photographs

Catch the clip here:

Or see it online here.

Need more kid-friendly Halloween ideas? Find them here:


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