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Planning a Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Have you ever planned a gender neutral baby shower? A lot of people struggle with the gender neutral shower — no pink? too much blue? … are you relegated to using only yellows and greens?

Heck no! Gender Neutral Baby Showers, baby showers in general aren’t what they used to be!!

simple tips for planning an amazing gender neutral shower your mom to be will love!

Sure you could spend a fortune and go way over the top (spoiler alert: that’s not what you’ll find here!) or you could follow these simple tips to plan the BEST BABY SHOWER ever for the mom to be in your life!

Let’s get started, to plan an amazing shower, you really only need 5 things.


All you really need to throw a great baby shower

That’s it.

Games and food and gifts are all great too, but if you focus on these 5 basic things, the rest will fall in to place and the mom to be will have a shower to remember.

Want to know how we managed to plan a shower that made 5 moms-to-be happy?

Keep reading ….

Step 1: The Mom-To-Be

It all starts with the mom and really, truly thinking of the ways you can celebrate her best and make her feel most comfortable. Is she super close to her family? Have lots of guy friends? Does she like to keep things simple with just a few close friends? Or does she love a good reason to get dressed up and look fancy?

Respecting her wishes and considering things like this will make sure, not only that you have a great event, but also that she feels truly at ease and comfortable with the whole situation.

Step 2: People Who Love Her

Fill a room with a crowd of people all connected by their love for someone and good things are bound to happen. This one is simple.

Step 3: Location, Location, Location

Choosing the perfect location to host your baby shower is crucial to its success. Would your mom-to-be be more at ease surrounded by family at her grandmother’s house? Or barefoot in her best friends backyard? Is she high tea kind of lady or a farm to table kind of girl? Again, the hardest parts of your planning become easy to decide when you think back to Step 1.

In our case we were planning for not for just one mom, but 5! How do you plan a mega shower like that and still make each mom feel special and comfortable? It’s all about location!

Lucky for us, San Antonio has one of the fabulous baby boutiques I have ever seen — Crib and Kids — specializing in elegant, luxurious nursery furniture and baby decor.

Crib & Kids -- the cutest little baby store in all of San Antonio!

They have the most amazing room displays in their showroom (filled with gorgeous light). I knew as soon as I saw it, it was perfect for a party like this! We made each mom feel comfortable by giving them their own nursery inside the party. A place she could retreat to with friends and family without feeling overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of such a large gathering, but when she was ready to mingle, well we were all their waiting to shower her with affection!

Step 4: Color Palette

You can base your entire shower off of just a few colors and make something truly beautiful!

We chose red and aqua for our shower, but anything goes here!

These navy & yellow, sherbet colors, and shades of citrus and spring really rock my world too.

Step 5: A Plan

Here’s where you can really lose yourself when planning a shower. Without a plan, you will find yourself spending more money than necessary and end up with a look that isn’t cohesive.

Here’s how we came up with our plan:

– We chose our colors

– Started a secret board on Pinterest

– Chose a theme (we selected the Up, Up and Away theme from Minted)
Lots of gender neutral palettes to choose from here!

– Found simple ways to punch up our theme for little to no cost

– Put together a menu (yogurt bar, sammies, sweets & treats)

– Came up with a few ice breakers (games and a gorgeous photo booth)

– Got our craft on!

Here’s how it all turned out! Hope you love it as much as we did

Red & Aqua Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Vendor Info:

Location: Crib & Kids
Photography: S.L Smith Photography / ARG Photographs
Decor: Minted, TomKat Studios
Food: Trader Joes, Zoe’s Kitchen (sponsored by KSW Media), Honest Tea
Sweets & Treats: Trader Joes, Cowgirl Granola, M5 Cake
Photo Booth: ARG Photgraphs
Invites, Games & Signage: Petit Lapin Designs

Amazing vendors for an amazing shower -- Thank you all!

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