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A Week of Gluten-Free Dinners

Well that week of family favorites sure was fun …. I didn’t pay attention to how many of those choices involved carbs and/or noodles! By the end of the week, I was feeling HEAVY. We’re flying solo for part of this week, so I can squeeze in a few more veggie meals. There’s a lot of chicken on the menu … and to be honest it’s not my favorite thing to cook — any volunteers out there to come over and cook chicken for us? You can eat with us while you’re here :)

A few things you should know about us:
– I’ve been gluten-free since Feb, my family is not
– We try to eat as clean and healthy as possible, but we’re not perfect
– I also try to limit sugars and sweets, but we do enjoy occasional treats
– The lunches posted here are for my kids, I usually eat some sort of soup, salad or leftovers
– We typically eat out once a week, usually on Thursdays
– I don’t plan for lunches on the weekends, we just do whatever or eat leftovers

A week's worth of gluten-free dinners for your whole family

A Week’s Worth of Gluten-Free Dinners:

Monday –
Breakfast: Omelets & Fruit
Lunch: Grapes, Cheese & Crackers (see large breakfast above!)
Dinner: Grilled Chicken & Veggies

Today is not only Labor Day, but it’s also my sister in law’s birthday … happy Birthday Megan! We’re going out to eat … the kids will have whatever their little hearts desire, I’m still stuffed from last week so I am going strictly meat & veggies.

I’m sure something sweet will sneak its way in there somewhere!

Tuesday –
Breakfast: Yogurt & a Cereal Bar
Lunch: Honey Ham Rollups w/ carrots and celery and some trail mix
Dinner: Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quesadillas

These are my all time favorite quesadillas! I love them so and they are so quick to put together. Sometimes its hard to find this brand of frozen veggies at the super market <— ahhh! I dont even seen the black bean & sweet potato sautee listed on the website any longer. This breaks my heart, it was just a hearty & wholesome clean meal for my family. I’m going to investigate this and I’ll report back to you. All of the Alexis brand products are amazing, but the veggie sautees are my favorites. Yes, I realize I can make my own sweet potato, black bean, corn, red pepper, and amazing sauce mix … but it wont be the same :( I mix it all up in the frying pan, slather it between two tortillas, add some cheese and serve it with ketchup. Yup, ketchup. Since I’m not eating gluten, I’ll just have the veggie sans quesdailla, sad but fine by me. These are THAT tasty! (P.S. You could also use a brown rice tortialla, please let me know if you have a brand you like)

Wednesday –
Breakfast: PB & Banana on Waffles
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich w/ cheez -its and craisins
Dinner: Zucchini Spaghetti & Ravioli for the kids

I could eat zucchini spaghetti for every meal. Seriously, so could my oldest. We’ll have that and the other two, who aren’t as fond of zucchini (crazies), will have baby ravioli.

Thursday –
Breakfast: Peach Pomegranate Smoothies (recipe coming soon)
Lunch: Leftovers and a golden apple
Dinner: Southwestern Chopped Salad

My kiddos LOVE this dinner, I think it’s the bacon bits, but I tell myself they just really love salad … :)

Friday –
Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Mini Subs we still have some to use from last week
Dinner: Garlic Lemon Chicken and Black Beans & Rice

We had some friends back in Germany who could cook like nobody’s business. They used to come over to our house on the weekends and we’d make these amazing meals and get stuffed, and laugh, and play and have an amazing time. I miss those friends. When I think about them, I always make this dinner …. minus the friend plantains, cause I just can’t make them as good as she could!

Saturday –
Breakfast: French Toast w/ fresh berries
Dinner: Roasted Veggie Paninis

Giant baguette, all your favorite veggies, roasted and slathered with provolone cheese. Toasted for 4-6 minutes in the oven, served with spicy sweet potato fries — perfection! Now that I can’t eat a baguette … I’ll just put the veggies in a Portobello mushroom and enjoy it all the same.

Sunday –
Breakfast: Orange Julius and mini muffins
Dinner: Rosemary Garlic Chicken Skillet

Best dinner I have ever made from Pinterest.

There you have it, our menu for the week.
What’s on your family’s meal plan this week?

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