First Day Jitters

first day jitters

Tonight was meet the teacher.

I tried to hold on to their little excited hands as we navigated our way down those unfamiliar hallways, but I couldn’t. Those hands just aren’t so small anymore, now confident and strong, they slipped right through my fingers and ran straight to the rooms where they will soon spend most of their days.

Without me.

It’s official, I have a bad case of the first day jitters.

I’m that mom who will be a mess at drop off on Monday morning. Show me some sympathy, turn your head and act like I don’t exist when you see the tears.

My heart broke a tiny bit when we entered those new spaces, but it was soon replaced with thoughts of admiration and appreciation for the kind teachers we met. I can already tell I am going to love them, and as we talked about our day before bed, my kids said the very same thing!

First and Second grade, here we come!


For all my Texas friends, get your camera phones ready!

H-E-B cooked up a fun Instagram Sweepstakes just in time for back to school.

Starting today, you can upload a photo of your family getting ready for the first day of school and tag it #HEBfirstday. @HEB will select one winner each day until September 1st to receive a $100 gift card!

You must be 18 to play, only one photo per person per day, and you must follow @HEB on Instagram to win.

* See official rules for more details and photo guidelines

I say post once every day until you win — starting today! I’ll be sharing photos with the hashtag #HEBfirstday throughout the week if you need some ideas or inspiration. Be sure to follow me on Instagram so you can see those too.


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  1. Jane says

    I’ve definitely got first day jitters!! We met the teacher and visited the classroom this afternoon. My daughter was disappointed that the very few people she knew were all in other classes and that she didn’t get the teacher she was hoping for…. But I’m sure she will e all smiles at the end of the day Monday…. Kindergarten here we come…. Where are my Kleenex!

  2. says

    My son starts school Monday, I am not nerveous, but sad to see that he is getting older. It seems like yesterday he was 3 and starting preschool :( and now it will be 2nd grade…sigh…And he has gone willingly, never looking back.

  3. says

    Oh Stacy, I felt the exact same way! Love the girls’ teacher, but my goodness I miss my girls. They are way more adjusted than I am. When Kira lost her first tooth at school 2 days ago I was slightly devastated. And Nola – she twisted her foot and was too scared to tell the teacher that standing on one foot hurt so she did it anyway. I had to write an email to school today in case it hurt during PE and I was a blithering mess!

    We will adjust together xx

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