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Family Meal Plan: No Red Meat Dinners

Ahhh! It’s our last week of summer and I am officially in denial. We had a wonderful summer, yet I feel like there is so much more we shoulda/woulda/coulda done together. I’ll be trying to cram it all in to this one little week, still some part of my brain is being sensible. The only way I know this, my meal plan has begun to shift into back to school mode. You’ll see us trying more early morning school rush friendly breakfasts, pack and go lunches … and something different about this meal plan, no red meat dinners. We just perform better on little to no red meat, it’s a personal preference and means when we do make a great burger, steak or meatball — we will enjoy it even more!

A few things you should know about us:
– During the summer, I plan all 3 of our meals
– I’ve been gluten-free since Feb, my family is not
– We try to eat as clean and healthy as possible, but we’re not perfect
– I also try to limit sugars and sweets, but we do enjoy occasional treats
– The lunches posted here are for my kids, I usually eat some sort of soup, salad or leftovers
– We eat lunch out on Thursdays during the summers
– I don’t plan for lunches on the weekends, we just do whatever or eat leftovers

Healthy Family Meal Plan with no red meat -- love those breakfast ideas!

Fresh & Healthy Meals For Your Family:

Breakfasts –
Blueberry Mango Parfaits
Mango Green Smoothies (a la Yummy Mummy) Then go immediately and buy her book, it’s my absolute favorite
Warm Biscuits with berries, honey, and some fresh fruit preserves
Neapolitan Yogurt Parfaits
Fruit Pizzas on Waffles

– Blueberry and Mango? you say … oh yes! These two pair well together and just happened to be on super sales this week. Steal of a deal and yummy too, you’ll see them popping up in our lunch menu as well. These go extra well with Cowgirl Granola … well, everything goes well with Cowgirl Granola! Sometimes I just eat it by the handful … can’t get Cowgirl Granola where you are? I’m sorry, any old granola recipe will do. If you have a homemade favorite, please share it with us! We’ll be experimenting with some new flavors in the next few months.

– Mango Green Smoothies — these are me & Little’s favorites. The other two, not so much but they tolerate them. Extra good if you have some cinnamon waffles to eat them with!

– Mmmm, fresh baked biscuits … need I say more? We’ll save these for a weekend morning so we can truly savor them with some fresh OJ and hot tea for Mom

– Neapolitan Parfaits – this is a fancy term I came up with just for you. Today I made parfaits using some plain greek yogurt, stonyfield strawberry yogurt tubes, nuts, mini chocolate chips, and chocolate chex mix. Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate … Neapolitan Parfaits were born! Yay, let the kids rejoice, next time I’ll add fresh strawberries too.

– Fruit Pizzas = toasted waffles, smeared with yogurt and a bit of jam, covered with sliced fruit and berries, maybe a smidge of honey sprinkled on top — like dessert for breakfast!

Lunches –
Ham Roll Ups
Mango Quinoa Fruit Salad w/ crackers
Turkey & Veggie Wraps
PB & Banana w/ honey
Sides: Apple Slices, Baby Carrots & Celery, Pita Chips & Hummus

Shifting in to packed lunch mode here, you’ll see my gravitating to more simple, repetitive items I know my kids won’t throw away at lunch time … as for the Mango Quinoa fruit salad, well that’s for fun and its just plain tasty. Make it ahead of time and it would most certainly pack well for school lunches!

My friends at Shane Diet Resort here in Texas graciously shared the recipe with me and I will do the same with you as soon as I have a chance to photograph it. Till then, they have some other tasty recipes right here.

Update: Look what I found on Pinterest tonight! A Quinoa Fruit Salad recipe that looks incredible

Dinners –
Shrimp Stir Fry
Buffalo Chicken Salad
Ground Turkey Quinoa Salad
BBQ Chicken Sliders w/ homemade molasses BBQ sauce & sweet potato fries
Chicken and Broccoli Mac & Cheese
Baked Potato Bar w/ all the fixins (mmm, sautéed mushrooms) and a surprise dessert!
Dinner Out!

Nothing too fancy here this week and once school starts it will become more or the same, me shifting between salads, soups, family favorites and the occasional new recipe. I’m glad I have summers to try new things so my fall rotations don’t get too boring.

– My shrimp stir fry consists of honey lime sriracha spiced shrimp with lots of veggies and rice noodles. I’ve never worked up a recipe for it because it is so easy, but maybe I should for that very reason?

– The ground turkey quinoa salad we invented a few weeks ago, I do have a recipe for that one! and I’m hoping to get it published for you this week.

– BBQ chicken sliders are just shredded chicken (rotisserie when you are in a hurry) and the most amazing homemade BBQ sauce of all. It’s smoky and spicy and I just love it. Thanks to Shawna, I’ve been making it for years.

– Chicken and Broccoli Mac & Cheese, old concept new recipe for me. It’s from a book I found that you can’t buy, I’ll test it out and report back here later if it’s worth sharing.

– Baked Potato Bars are just fun and easy, plus they make room for something you don’t see us doing too often around here — eating dessert! I’m craving chocolate so perhaps some gluten-free cupcakes are in order.

That’s what we’re eating around here this week,
what’s on your menu?


Stacy is seeing the world in a whole new way – through the eyes of her children. She writes about the little things, the big things and all the “stuff” in between at Kids Stuff World.

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  • These are great… my six-year-old still has yet to eat any red meat. I try all the time, but he just doesn’t like it…

  • Thanks for the mention! We have lots of wonderful recipes for families and kids in our cookbook – Meal Simple, the Shane Camps & Resorts cookbook. Available on Amazon or would be happy to donate one to you Stacy to give away.

    Ziporah – owner/founder

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