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Top Pins: Smart Storage & Home Organization Ideas

The useful pins rule again! This week’s most popular pins are all home organization ideas or smart storage solutions, except one. This tells me two things, 1) I’m not the only mom thinking about getting my house in order and getting the kids back in school soon! And 2), I can see, also like me, you could use a little more time with just the girls.

Well consider this OUR time, sit back and check out these links and prepare to get your home in tip top shape in no time at all!

Note: The Girlfriend pin may not appear to have as many repins as the others, but it was so good I pinned it twice! Using two different images, and if you add those together (1,2), well it’s way up there. Why you ask? Well, I didn’t see this fabulous pic the first time and who wouldn’t want a shot like that with all their girlfriends?! I love it!

Crazy Good Home Organization Ideas & Toy Storage Solutions

This week’s Top 5 Pins were:

**All of these ideas were repinned 500 times or more so you know their good pinning material.

One Weekend Garage Storage Solution from The Family Handyman 
Read the post –> Garage Storage Solutions/Kid Friendly Ball Corral
Pin for Later –> DIY Ball Corral

35 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Girlfriends from The House of Hendrix
Read the Post –> Life’s Too Short Not To Celebrate Each Other
See the pin –> Why We All Need Girlfriends

The Sweetest Backpack Station from I Should Be Mopping The Floor
Read the post –> DIY Chalkboard Backpack Station
See the pin –> Smart Place to Corral Backpacks

THE Coolest Playroom ever! from Sunshine On The Inside
Read the post –> Gorgeous Blue Playroom
See the pin –> Playroom with a stage!

Home Organization Ideas from Better Homes & Garden
Read the post –> Declutter Your Plastic Collection in 15 Minutes
See the pin –> Good Ideas for Organizing Your Cabinets

I couldn’t leave you without a bit of sentiment, so this week instead of runners up I’m sharing MY favorite pins of the week. Hope you like them too!


My favorite pins of the week were:

The Family Dinner Questions Jar from How Does She
Read the post –> Family Dinner Question Printables
See the pin –> Get the Family Talking at the Table

The Brown Bag Lunch Guide from Snack Picks
Read the post –> Brown Bag Savings
See the pin –> Back to School Lunches & Money Saving Tips

This Fitting Quote from Danielle Burkleo
Read the post –> To Moms, on those long days … <– I had a few of those this week.
See the pin –> The Days Are Long But the Years Are Short

Once last thing before I go, I invited you to stop by and share your most popular pins with us in the comments last time. It was wonderful, in fact, 2 of the Top 5 this week came from comments left by you guys! So I encourage to do so again, and every week. Consider it our own Pinterest Party, see I told you this was girl time :) Who knows maybe you’ll make it in the Top 5 next week.

P.S. Do you guys like the graphics with the repins numbers or without? Still working on my templates here …