Sweet Style: Back to School Look

Back to School Outfits from Old Navy

Her: “You know what I want to do today Mom?”

Me: “No, baby what?”

Her: “I want to line up all my animals in my room, make my bed, play some fun music and put on a fashion show”

Me: {Heart Leaps} … “really?!, that was my favorite thing to do as a little girl too.”

KSW Style | Cute owls and Capris

We’re entering a new stage of childhood right now. One where hairstyle’s and cute clothes and whether your socks match are starting to play a more important role. Sweet has ALWAYS had great style and can make an outfit work like nobody’s business, but now she’s beginning to see the joy in it and I can’t wait to see where that takes her!

KSW Lookbook _ Details

We have plans to make a few clothes of our own next week, with my sweet friends from Kids Clothes Week but in the mean time I wanted to show you the first back to school outfit she’s picked out. I know, I know it’s only July … but I’m a cheapskate and I buy things when they are on sale and these awesome capris were on sale (still are on sale, plus 30% off till 7/17) and are so absolutely 100% her.

Cute, comfy, and practical — her beauty can shine through while still allowing her to be “one of the boys” and comfortable in her own skin.

Sweet’s Tips on rocking these capris:

Have fun with your shoes! The length allows you to wear funky bright sneakers, or cute slip-ons or sandals.

Punch it up with color! I like mixing the deep gray here, but I also like wearing these with pops of pink and bright citrus hues

Anything goes! I’m wearing a long tee here, but I also picked up a striped cardi and fun sweater so I can wear these all year long

What Sweet’s wearing: Graphic Top  (last season) & Navy Capris – Old Navy / Cute Shoes – Crocs (scored on zulily.com)


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      She totally could! You guys have a similar style actually :) So great to see you the other day!! Wish we could have had time to chat. When school starts this year, I will have more time. Let’s be sure to meet up sometime.

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