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I’d like to buy the world a Nourishmat

I’d like to buy the world a Nourishmat

Imagine if every house on the block grew their own fresh veggies and urban landscapes, once food deserts, were able to not just thrive, but flourish!

That’s their dream.

I exchanged a few emails with Phil, the co-founder of Earth Starter, this week. I was so inspired I had to share his kickstarter campaign with you here.

You’re going to flip for the Nourishmat and Herbmat!


“John and I are on a mission to empower consumers to become producers, by giving them easy tools to grow healthy fresh food.

We want people to be able to grow their own food, eat healthy, and not have to worry about GMOs, where their food came from, pesticides, and so on. Not to mention how gratifying it can be when you wait for a delicious veggie to grow and you can finally take a bite!

About Nourishmats and Herbmats:


Our products are designed to help you grow your own fresh herbs without getting down and dirty in the weeds. Best thing, it pays you back in spice. Designed for people with no prior growing knowledge or years of gardening experience. Farm to table just became simpler and without adding an extra project or more costs to peoples lives. Instead of buying expensive tools and searching for plant varieties, just use the Herbmat.

Our mats are like paint by numbers for gardening. You roll the mat out on your garden soil, push in the seedballs (clay, seeds, chili-powder and all-natural nutrients), and hook it up to the hose.

The Nourishmat is a 4’ x 6’ all-in-one roll out garden that empowers people to become food producers. Included in each Nourishmat are seed balls to grow tomato, carrot, marigold, onions, basil, nasturtium, radish, chive, kale, rainbow chard, jalapeno, dill, eggplant, red pepper, and more .

The Herbmat Gardening Systems brings 8 of the most sought after culinary herbs (basil, chive, dill, parsley, mint, thyme, savory, and sage) right to your table – from your own yard.

We think of them as a great way to cultivate the next generation of food growers and our product is the first of its kind.
Every Nourishmat purchased for schools comes with its own curriculum
We also have a commitment to schools, so the next generation can begin learning about gardening and fresh food as soon as possible. Each Nourishmat provided to a school comes with it’s own curriculum. We’ve started working with the Mayor’s office and school district’s in San Francisco, to plant Nourishmat gardens in the school and educational community to commemorate our Kickstarter launch.

Finally, during the Kickstarter campaign (which is wrapping up soon), we’re offering a summer contest for bloggers. We will send you sample seedballs to grow, and if you post about the Kickstarter and what you’ll “nourish” with your plants, we’ll enter you to win a Nourishmat for a school or community organization of your choice so that kids can start learning about gardening and healthy food too!

They’ve got a long way to go to make this happen, when I published this post they still needed $32,000 to meet their goal and have just 11 days to make it happen. That’s a huge mountain to climb alone, so please share this post and consider donating to their cause. They have lots of fun bonuses, like seed balls and t-shirts, to make available if you contribute.

I think I’m going to have to try the $89 commitment … how could I not?


Stacy is seeing the world in a whole new way – through the eyes of her children. She writes about the little things, the big things and all the “stuff” in between at Kids Stuff World.

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