Father’s Day Kids Craft: Bottle Cap Bird House

Oops. Is Father’s Day really this Sunday? How did that happen … and why am I so broke right now? Thank goodness we had all the materials we needed to make this cheap and easy, last minute Father’s Day gift – a bottle cap bird house.

Last minute Father's Day gifts from kids | KidsStuffWorld.com

I would have loved to have built our own bird house for this … but like I said, we were running short on time and cash. We picked up this great smelling cedar one from Lowe’s for just $9. We had all the other materials lying around the house.

kids craft: diy bottle cap bird house

To make your own bottle cap bird house, you will need:

– A bird house or bird house kit
– Lots of bottle caps
– A hammer
– Some nails

and that’s it. I let the kids choose their own pattern and demonstrated how to carefully nail the first cap onto the roof, then I let them have it. They love being able to do their own projects and give gifts they make with their own two hands.

Father's Day Crafts for Kids

Craft Idea for Father's Day: Bottle Cap Bird House | KidsStuffWorld.com

I think it turned out great! I’ve been wanting to make a few of these since we moved in … 4 years ago!

We’ll pair this with a six pack of handpicked beers, these sweet printable coupons from Living Locurto, and lots of children’s art work.
Happy Father’s Day babe,
the birds are going to love you!

our little bird watchers too.

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    • says

      Thanks Carla! We had lots of fun with this. Growing up we had red, white, and blue bird houses on fence posts around our farm. I used to love them. Want to give my kids those same types of memories, using things we love as well. (My hubby loves to try beers … in case you couldn’t tell!) :)

  1. says

    Absolutely awesome. Look at their faces in concentration doing this task! That is the true meaning of putting your heart and focus into a gift! Lovely post!!

  2. says

    What a great birdhouse, Stacy! Super gift for a Dad who likes his lagers! Thanks for sharing with us today! Pinning to my bird board, but I think I may have to create a Father’s Day board and start it off with this one too! :)


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