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KSW Street Style: Gangnam Style with dance moves!

Photo: Instagram From L-R –
Happy Boy:
Blue Shirt: Thrifted (Goodwill SA) similar
Blue New Balance Sneakers: deep discount from our local shop
Little Man:
Red Cars Shirt: Handmade by Nana
Blue Pants: Walmart
Red Tsukihoshi Sneakers: on deep discount at a local shop
Sweet Stuff:
Green Ninja Turtle Tee: Target Boys
Orange Capris: Old Navy (last year) similar on sale
Floral Wellies: Old Navy (2 years ago) similar

Is it just me or do they look like they are bout to bust out some serious moves? Rest assured they can throw down when the need arises. In honor of our latest bi-monthly series on all the latest fashion these kooky kids are cranking out, we thought we’d entertain you with the most watched You Tube video in the world … I know, I can’t believe it either.

And to really kick it up a notch, I’m providing you with the names of all 5 Gangnam Style dance moves!
You are welcome.

Step 1: Ride the Horse
Step 2: Lasso the Lady
Step 3: Everybody’s Looking pose
Step 4: A few “sexy” moves
Step 5: Finish with a camera ready shot

If all of this means nothing to you, or you are doubting the timing on when to use each one … this infographic has got you covered.

Gangnam Style Dance Moves

Simple as that.
… Oppan Gangnam Style

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