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He Calls Me Mommy by Holly Homer

I’ve got a special treat for you today, the 20 Must Follow Moms you’ve seen and loved on Pinterest are making their way around the blogosphere.

Visiting us is Holly Homer, of  June Cleaver Nirvana. You may know her as the Quirky Momma doing things bigger and better in Texas on She is Dallas, but there is oh so much more to this mentor / friend of mine!

For starters, she is a devoted mom,  an expert at all things blogging and social media, a shrewd business woman, and a late night talk show host! Well, maybe not TOO late night, but check her out on G+ to see what all the commotion is about.

Today she’s taking a break from all those responsibilities (seriously, I don’t know how she does it all) to share this sweet moment of motherhood with us. She must have known what a sucker I am for stories like this.

Thank you Holly!

He Calls Me Mommy

When my youngest {of three boys} was 4, he complained that I didn’t always answer him when he called for me.

It isn’t that I intentionally tuned him out, but looking back I admit to occasionally avoiding yet another question, request or debate.  I was busy.  I wasn’t paying attention.  My thoughts were elsewhere.

Until this day…

We were sitting quietly together and Rhett looked and me and said, Mommy, did you hear what word I said?

I hadn’t heard what he said, but had seen him mouth a word in a whisper.  I replied that he had said MOMMY.

Mommy, how did you know?

I just know.

No, HOW did you know?

I just know.

He thought for a minute and tried again.  His little lips only moved a tiny bit, and just a breath of sound escaped him.

Mommy, what did I say THAT time?



I just knew.

But I said it so quietly you couldn’t hear it.

I just knew.

He sat back with a puzzled expression on his face and with determination he decided he would try it one more time.  This time his lips didn’t move at all and he was completely silent.  The only clue that I had that he had “said” another word was his heading nodding up then down for emphasis.

Mommy, what did I say then?


He looked at me stunned.  He believed I had just read his mind.

Mommy, how do you do that?

I laughed and said, You start ALL your sentences with the word MOMMY so it was a lucky guess.

He starts all his sentences with mommy.

I hadn’t realized that until I said it.  I hear the word mommy come out of his mouth more often than anything else.

Rhett (of course) disagreed,  Mommy, I DO NOT!

See you just did!

Mommy, I don’t do…

You did it again!


Yep!  Again!

By this time we were laughing so hard that he couldn’t even form the beginnings of an “M”.  He recovered a bit and tried to speak,  Mommy, I ….and then started uncontrollably giggling over the truth.

He starts all his sentences with mommy.

I can’t even put into words what that revelation does to my heart.

He starts all his sentences with mommy.

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