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Make It A Kid-Friendly Super Bowl

super bowl party for kids

* What’s a party without cake? We are SO making one of these!
* My SIL wont eat chocolate, but everybody loves a good fruit salad, this one gets major cool points
* Have fun making these Pretzel Dogs together
* When you’re done, try your hand at milk jug helmets
* Then plop down to watch the game with these tasty taco cups

The kids will no doubt, still want more. So let them put on some war paint, tuck some bandanas in their pants and teach them all the fun that is flag football. With any luck, you can coax the men out to run a few plays along with them while you check out all the good commercials!

Go Team Beyonce and Alicia!!
(oh yeah, and the Mr. is a die hard niner fan … so “we” are pretty excited for Sunday)


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