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Try This: Mango Green Smoothies

Try This: Mango Green Smoothies

The best mango green smoothie ever! (The secret is to use coconut milk and add a splash of OJ)

Marina shared her favorite mango green smoothie recipe the other day and I dreamed about it for a week straight. I finally got to the store and stocked up on frozen mango so I could make these for breakfast yesterday.

They were everything I knew they would be and more, just delicious. I’m thinking of making another one right now!

Mango Green Smoothies

Slightly Adapted from Yummy Mummy Kitchen (we just adjust to our tastes and family size)

Makes 4-5 smoothies

– 1 to 2 cup(s) Coconut Milk

– several handfuls of spinach

– 1/2 bag of frozen pineapple (fresh is even better!)

– 1/2 bag of frozen mango

– Drizzle of Honey (Optional)

– Splash of OJ (optional)

Blend coconut milk and spinach first in order to get that beautiful green smoothie look you want and not bits and pieces of spinach that get stuck in your teeth! Then add fruit and blend again until you reach your desired consistency. Pour and serve immediately.

Note: Our new favorite is Almond Coconut milk, I love the slight tropical vibe it gives this green goodness. Sometimes I also add a splash of OJ to amp up the citrus flavor

See Marina’s recipe here: Favorite Green Smoothie

Adding this to our breakfast rotation, and searching for more green smoothie recipes to try.

Do you have a favorite green smoothie?

Tell me what’s in it, I’d love to try it next.

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