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Have you ever shopped Zulily before?

Pictured Here: Lima Bean Kids / Nui Organics / Kricket Boys

I super puffy heart them and I bet you do too. If you aren’t familiar with them yet, they are an online store for moms and kids running daily deals at discount prices.

I get an email from them each morning filled with deals on great brands I have come to know and love through their site. The sales go quickly, each one last 3 days and often times products sell out quickly but I have learned to make Zulily really work for me.

When I find a brand I love and know I would like to purchase from again, or at least check out their latest products, I heart that brand on the Zulily site and they alert me the day before they go on sale again. If something I really wanted sells out before I have a chance to grab it, I set up an email alert for them to notify me when the product comes back in stock again.

Many brands go on sale quite frequently, so I never worry if I miss something the first time around.

Asics Kids / Ositos Shoes / Krickets Girls / DC / Save the Day

I use Zulily to stock up on quality school clothes, outerwear, shoes and pajamas for my kids.

I love their funky, colorful boutique fashions for Sweet. They often carry cool skateboard styles for Happy, and Little loves their graphic and super hero tees and jammies. I can often find cute sneakers for all the kids for less than $10!! <- I can’t even do that at Payless. And for a little bit more, I can even get a name brand shoe.

Zulily is my go-to place for all dress up clothes and costumes. We have quite the one of a kind collection and 90% of it came from their site. This week I am adding that shiny wizards cloak and hat. We already have the super hero mask, cuffs and cape shown here, but I think we might need a girl Captain America in our mix because that shiny silver mask is just too cute.

Insider Tip: Fabulous tutus like these and shiny capes go on sale all the time. These make the perfect gift for every girl and boy

Zulily also offers some wonderful deals on toys. We have used them to play Santa purchasing everything from cardboard playhouses, to Melissa & Doug toys, to wooden balance bikes.

They really are my favorite online store.

Here’s a sampling of the goodness I found on there today:

Teal Whitney Jumper (Bright Days) / Orange Cap Sleeve Dress (Bright Days) / Fizzy Soda Tee (The Good Ones) / Road Trip Hoodie (The Good Ones) / Light Blue Mystique Sneakers (Kick-Start)

See what I mean? Head on over and see what you can find today

Disclosure: Zulily is offering me store credit in exchange for telling you a few things I love about their site. It’s a natural fit since we really do love the site and order from there several times a month. Let’s hope this is the first of many chances for KSW to work with Zulily!


Stacy is seeing the world in a whole new way – through the eyes of her children. She writes about the little things, the big things and all the “stuff” in between at Kids Stuff World.


  1. says

    I totally love them! I have ordered plenty of stuff for my girls from Zulily and love the app on my phone that reminds me of the new sales and lets me shop anytime. Great post on a fun site.

  2. Shari says

    Thanks for introducing me to Zulily. Now that my own children are more into JCrew, Urban Outfitters and Forever21, I finally know where to order cute stuff for my little nieces and nephews!

  3. says

    Ok why was I not in the loop about zulily before? I just signed up for the emails and they dont just sell clothes… they have fun educational learning items for kids! Im so excited looking through flashcards and workbooks. Thanks for the info!

  4. says

    You had me from 10$ shoes! Thanks for sharing! Its not to early to start next years Christmas shopping right? Going to look around some more after the boys go to sleep!!

  5. says

    How much am I DYING over the white knotted duvet?? I’m so SAD I missed it in King size. Thats kinda of the fun of Zulily though, right? It’s the thrill of the chase!

  6. says

    So great knowing these tips! I’ve never actually used Zullily before but now I’m definitely gonna have to give it a try–love the idea of $10 on new shoes!

  7. Jen Hatton says

    I have heard of the website before but never checked into it – cute things! I will definitely sign up and start getting the email deals.

  8. says

    I really, really love Zulily! They were one of the first retailers that I became addicted to when I first had my little girl 3 years ago. Not only have I bought cute items for her, but I’ve picked up a few really hot mama things for myself! :-)

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