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8 Ways To Make Kids Smile

I’m off to Salt Lake City to meet more than 600 bloggers I have never met before! While I’m gone, I have a special treat for you — my first ever guest post here on Kids Stuff World. I’m so excited to have Rachel of Kids Activities Blog, aka the Quirky Momma visiting us today.

Quirky Momma is one of those places you go to get THE best ideas for things to do with your kids, there is always something new and wonderful happening over there. Bonus points, many of my good pals are contributing content there as well. I think the post Rachel chose to share with us is significant since I hope Kids Stuff World is a place that makes you smile when you visit, and today Rachel is sharing a few fun ways we can make our children smile too!

Without further ado, I pass things off to Rachel:

Do you ever have those days where you are overwhelmed and feel yourself getting agitated with your ┬ákids? When we have those days I try to stop and take a moment to breathe. smile. and really enjoy my kids. Here are just a few of the kids activities we have done to make a “rough” day, into a “fun” one!



how to make kids smile

Things to do with kids

Crazy activities for active kids. Be silly. Be rambunctious.

Have a silly family festival – here are a bunch of comical activities

Jokes that will make your kids laugh, hysterically.

Make silly faces on a sticker and use them to decorate toothpicks on your lunch.

Best Pranks for your kids – here are a bunch of ways that you can surprise your kids with a prank.

…and if that were not enough, here are a dozen more pranks for kids – make them giggle!

Tell a knock-knock joke to your preschooler

Have a hug fest. Try and find all the different ways that you can give each other hugs.

How do you transform your day? What makes your little ones smile?

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