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New Years Eve in my mind

ideas for New Years Eve

It’s 6pm on New Years Eve and the party at our house is in full swing. In my mind’s eye, it looks just like this. Elegant and sparkly, kid-friendly and lots and lots of fun.

In reality, we’re lying on a bed of pillows on the floor watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in our sweatpants.

I wanted more for all of us. Something prettier than this, but we’ve been knee deep in house projects for the last few days and truth be told we’re all a little tuckered out. Tonight, we’ll relish in each other’s company, cuddle a lot, eat popcorn and chase each other in the dark with glow sticks, it will be equally wonderful in our own little way.

I’ll file these lovely projects aways for another fun family night.

Family Friendly New Years Ideas:
New Years Eve Party Hats
Glitter Fun Paint
DIY Glitter Wine Glasses
New Years Wishing Wands

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and feeling blessed you keep coming back to share your time with me. Looking forward to lots of fun new happenings in 2013.
New Years Eve Wear for Mom & Daughter found here
Gillian Dress (SOLD OUT) /Sparkle Skirt / Gold MaryJanes


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