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Good Girls Give Back

I’ve been following along with the Good Girl’s List To A Glam Holiday over the last few weeks and biding my time … waiting for that perfect moment, like trying to hop in to a game of double dutch. These fabulous ladies have covered everything from the perfect gift to the perfect cocktail in true glam fashion.

The Good List : A Glam Holiday Guide

I almost made it in to the mix a time or two, but I kept missing my opportunity. Now, I finally get my chance. The Good Girl’s have invited me in (confession: I was never really that good at double dutch …) specifically to chat about one of my favorite topics — Doing Social Good. This week the girl’s are looking to do some good deeds of their own, and they came to the perfect place because I know some pretty good girls myself!

This post means a lot to me because it highlights some of the wonderful people I have become friends with this year, and some of the truly amazing things we have managed to accomplish in numbers. I am excited for what 2013 will bring, knowing what we are capable of and confident these girls will help me make it a year to remember!

1. Small Hands Creating Hope

I teamed up with MaryAnne and her crew earlier this year to celebrate a truly special birthday. Her 30th birthday of being cancer free, and to celebrate she wanted to do something BIG. A gesture that really touches my heart, proof that small hands can make a big difference. The result was a fantastic craft book, Small Hands Creating Hope, put together by some amazing bloggers and a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. We have raised more than $1,200 through this project so far. I gave a copy of this book to my father for Christmas, there is a project in the book dedicated to him and the journey we took when he had cancer.

2. Moms Fighting Hunger

Life has a funny way of leading you to the place you were meant to be all along. That’s what happened to me in September when I partnered up with Jen and started a Facebook page called Mom’s Fighting Hunger. Originally intended to be a place to highlight ways to help during National Hunger Month, it turned in to so much more. Visits to Food Banks, Kids Feeding with Reading and even food drive play dates, the women of Moms Fighting Hunger rallied together and made a huge impact. We decided this was a cause worth supporting all year, so I hope you will take a moment and like the page to stay up to date as we grow and spread our wings. We have a recipe book coming out VERY soon.
Moms Fighting Hunger

3. No Kid Hungry

One of the most amazing things that happened to me as a result of starting Moms Fighting Hunger has been partnering with No Kid Hungry. I started sharing my personal story as it relates to their cause, but havent finished it. This partnership has opened up doors to my past I thought were long closed and paved pathways to the future I cannot wait to explore. They announced it recently but I have yet to post it here, I am now a proud member of their Social Action Council. Look for lots more information and ways we can all make a difference for children who need our support.

I couldn’t mention No Kid Hungry without jumping up and down a bit to tell you about our Giveathon last week, and how we raised $15,000 in one day!! Such an incredible movement and I am so excited to be a part of it. Donations are still being matched through the end of the month, so feel free to contribute anything you can on our fundraising page. It is all tax deductible and 10 meals can be provided for every $1 you give.

4. 31 Days or Service

Next on my list of feel good projects is Mom It Forward’s 31 Days of Service, have you been following along with all the inspiring acts bloggers are doing in conjunction with this project?

I am so inspired by these women and proud of all that they have accomplished in such a short period of time. Catch up on all the acts here and be sure to read the touching story of how one family set out to make a difference in another’s this holiday season. I love this story because it grew so much bigger than any of us and turned in to a real Christmas miracle. Thanks to an article Jen wrote about this family on a news site, someone donated more than $7,000 to help pay for their medical bills!

Amazing! Can you feel the impact we are starting to make already … I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

5. Feel Good Round Up

There are so many other wonderful things going on in the blogosphere right now, I don’t want you to miss any of them! Have you heard about the Snowflakes for Sandy Hook project? MaryAnne has rallied her community together and asks for others to do the same. Rachel is starting a Handmade for Newtown auction to raise money for the families in Connecticut. You can get all the details on that project here. I’d love to see her get a large response.

Megan practiced 24 Days of Christmas Random Acts of Kindness and I love her even more for it than I did already, it reminds me of Katheirne Marie and her 52 smiles project. I am constantly inspired by her, if you have never happened on to Katherine’s site please bookmark it immediately. It is pure gold.

And finally, I love the premise behind the Blog 4 Cause link up Alli and Amy are hosting this month. Please do take a peek and see if you have any links you could add of your own.

I know that was a whole lot of information in one post, take a few moments to check it all out and then head over to Mayhar Design (beautiful!) and see what ideas these stylish sisters have for good girls to give back.

Thanks so much for following along with me this year!
I’ll be back next year with a fresh perspective, fun focus and plenty of ideas on
how to connect with your family and do a little good along the way.


Stacy is seeing the world in a whole new way – through the eyes of her children. She writes about the little things, the big things and all the “stuff” in between at Kids Stuff World.

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9 thoughts on “Good Girls Give Back”

  • What a year lady!!!!!!!! Wow! Look at all the good you have been a part of!!! You are absolutely inspiring. My family and I have been so enriched by Moms Fighting Hunger and thank you for your service! Keep it going!

    • Big Hugs to you Megan!! It has been a wild, fun ride and I am forever grateful to you for coming along with me. I have been so inspired by you and all you do as well. Looking forward to working with you this year as well.

  • I love all the wonderful projects you have been a part of this year, and it was wonderful to work with you on some of them!

    And I’m beyond thrilled that you gave your dad a copy of the “Small Hands Creating Hope” book for Christmas!

    • MaryAnne,

      This year has been so wonderful for me and much of that is because of you. I am forever grateful for our friendship and so very glad I got to be a part of Small Hands Creating Hope.

      By the way, my Dad loved it. :)

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