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A Season of Giving: 31 Days of Service

I think over the last three holidays, today has become my favorite day of the year. Each December 1st, I sit down with my children and we make a list of all the fun and giving activities we want to take part in over the holidays. You’ve seen me mention it before, here, here and here.

Like most parenting experiences I learn something each year — spending time together is more memorable and usually more enjoyable for everyone than activities that costs us money, planning too many activities away from home makes for a harried and stressful holiday, and my favorite, doing good and giving back is a wonderful family affair and rewarding experience for all.

This year, we are incorporating even more good deeds into our advent activities and I am so excited to have Mom It Forward’s new e-book to help me with some fresh ideas.

31 Days of Service E-Book

I’ll be working on my advent plan with my family today, and I encourage you to do the same with yours. Mom It Forward has made and entire calendar devoted to service projects any family can do together. You can read all about the wonderful ideas by signing up for their newsletter and getting the free e-book in return. It has gorgeous photos, great ideas and fun printables for you too.

I thought it would be fun to try and highlight a friend who has done one of the tasks on the calendar everyday this month. Each day, I’ll update the links here in this post and profile each blogger in an individual article on Sulia, where I am a new contributor to their parenting channel, and also on a very special Pinterest board with Mom It Forward. I invite you all to follow along and be inspired.

Check out all my sweet friends who will be participating and get to know them throughout the month, we have a few days left open if you would like to join us and participate. You can read a detailed description of each days prompts in the e-book.

Day 1 – Create Your Own Service Calendar
Blogger: Stacy of Kids Stuff World

Day 2 – JOY Your Neighborhood
Blog: Leanna of All Done Monkey

Day 3 – Leave Mailbox Goodies
Blogger: Kristina of Toddler Approved

Day 4 – Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas
Blogger: Jennifer of The Good Long Road

Day 5 – Host a Food Drive
Blogger: JDaniel4’s Mom

Blogger: Helen of Curly Birds – How to Host a Food Drive

Day 6 – Give Groceries
Blogger: Deidre on Kids Activities Blog

Blogger: Colleen of San Antonio Mom Blogs

Day 7 – Celebrate Pearl Harbor Day
Blogger: Rob Hatton

Day 8 – Serve a Food Shelter (for littles)
Blogger: Carolyn of The Pleasantest Thing

Day 9 – Host a Cookie Exchange
Blogger: Mari of Inspired by Family

Day 10 – Spread the Puppy Love
Blogger: Ariana of The Remi Project

Day 11 – Appreciate Culture
Blogger: Beth of Living Life Intentionally

Day 12 – Clear the Way
Blogger: Megan of Coffee Cups and Crayons

Day 13 – Spread Candy Cane Cheer
Blogger: Kendall of Home Learning Journey

Day 14 – Share Your Talents
Blogger: Debbie of Rainbows Within Reach

Day 15 – Sub For Santa
Blogger: Shari Biediger

Day 16 – Go Caroling
Blogger: Carolyn of The Pleasantest Thing

Blogger: Sea World Texas Wildside Bloggers

Day 17 – Clean Your Closet
Blogger: Mari of Inspired by Family

Blogger: Helen of Curly Birds

Day 18 – Serve With Smiles
Blogger: Deborah of Learn With Play At Home

Day 19 – Provide Coloring Comfort
Blogger: Susan Case of Kindergarten & Preschool for Parents & Teachers

Day 20 – Share Compliments
Blogger: Jacquie of Edventures for Kids

Day 21 – Host a Book Drive
Blogger: Joyce of Childhood Beckons

Day 22 – Practice Kindness and Patience
Blogger: Leann of Montessori Tidbits

Day 23 – Hand Out Cheerful Post-Its
Blogger: Melissa of Mama Miss

Day 23 (#2) – Hand Out Cheerful Post-its
Blogger: Jen of Kitchen Counter Chronicle

Day 24 – Give Neighbor Gifts
Blogger: Megan of Coffee Cups and Crayons

Day 25 – Gift It Forward
Blogger: Morena of Morena’s Corner

Day 26 – Get Online
Blogger: Stacy of Kids Stuff World

Day 27 – Donate a Toy
Blogger: Cyn of Creative Cynchroncity

Day 28 – Collect Coupons

Day 29 – Participate in a Drive Through Donation

Day 30 – Thank Public Servants
Blogger: Valerie of Glittering Muffins

Day 31 – Create a January Service Calendar
Blogger: Mom It Forward

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