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School Lunch Idea: Mini Hawaiian Subs

School Lunch Idea: Mini Hawaiian Subs
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I asked all my friends on Facebook how I could be most helpful in getting them back in to the rhythm of balancing school, and work, and family life. I was super surprised to see 90% of them needed some fresh ideas for packing lunches, but you know what? — this seems to be a growing topic in our home too!

I sat down with my kiddos and we did some serious brainstorming.  We took school guidelines, allergy restrictions and all of their unique likes and dislikes into heavy consideration. We came up with a list of lunch ideas for school, some more healthy than others … we could all be happy about.

First up, are the cute little mini subs. Did you know Hawaiian Bread made mini sub rolls now? Me neither. Check it.

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These sweet little hawaiian subs have turkey, provolone and a squeeze of Ken’s Lite Honey Mustard. I microwave the meat & cheese on the bread for 10-12 seconds to give it that straight from the deli effect.

These are outstanding at home fresh out the microwave and I havent had any complaints or half eaten sandwiches since we started packing them for school.

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I paired this lunch with some scrabble cheezits (confession: cheez-its are my all time weakness) and some freeze dried fruit, like this.

crunchies mixed fruit

I’ve tried a lot of freeze dried fruit in our house and it doesn’t always get the warmest welcome. This brand however, all 3 of my littles enjoyed.

There you have it, our first back to school lunch idea. Stay tuned for more ideas for school lunches.

The containers we’re using are glad products. They are BPA free and we have them in sandwich and snack size. I like that I can fit the snack container into the sandwich container like this. Handy. Dandy & Cheap. :)



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