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Let’s Paint the World Orange!

September is Hunger Action Month, so this year I’m taking action. I have teamed together with some truly amazing moms and bloggers. All month long, we’ll be passing on information from No Kid Hungry and Feeding America, sharing our own stories of how hunger has impacted our lives, inspiring others, getting our children involved and keeping you up to date with simple ways you can make a difference too, but most of all — getting out in to our communities and doing something!

As usual, I’m thinking and dreaming big. This time, I want you to do it with me. Let’s find a way to make sure every child in America gets at least 3 meals a day … and when we work that out, let’s feed children all over the world! Want to help?

Take the pledge  / Join us on Facebook Moms Fighting Hunger / Share your Instagrams with #nokidhungry #momsfighthunger / Promote  Moms Fighting Hunger on your FB photo or Twitter picFollow Moms Fighting Hunger on Twitter or Pinterest

And one last request … come back tomorrow and see what we’ve been working so hard on around here. It’d be even cooler if you stuck around to hear my story, find out what we learn at the Food Bank, revisit this post throughout the month and read up on what others are doing across the country.

Are you with me?


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