Life in an Instant: Summer Lovin’

A friend told me not too long ago, that we only really had some 6,500 odd days to spend with our children before they are off & grown, and on their own. Something about that number has buried itself deeply into my brain, probably for good now. That number frightens me. I am even more haunted knowing I only have 4,200 some odd days left with Happy. Really, where does the time go?

It makes you think. And stops me in my tracks. And makes me scoop them up even more throughout the day and shower them with love and kindness and trips to theme parks and ooey, gooey s’mores. And makes me want to create a million of these, or even these, filled with our happy Insta-memories.

this is our summer.
this is exactly the way I want us all to remember it.

4,199 more days exactly like this please.

I invite you all to share similar moments from your week here with me, or on Instagram (I’m @steet) by using the hashtag: #liai (<- Life in an Instant) or even on my Facebook page. Whatever is easiest for you, however you can reach me. I’d love to see what moments are taking hold in your heart this week.

Life in an Instant


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    looks like someone’s night was made with Elmo. My youngest would love this. The older three get to go to a Big Time Rush concert so they will definitely have memories. Your little one will never forget, especially with the pictures you took. Happy WWW

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    Oh that is a frightening thought. I am dreading that day when the kids are all grown & moved out. Especially knowing that the first one can leave if he wants to in about 1500 days. Yikes! Now I’m sad.

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    This is a great reminder to slow down and enjoy them while they are still little. Even though I am sure they will always be our babies. I’ve been slacking at capturing what we have been up to. Thanks for this reminder friend! And everything else too! Love ya :)


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