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Life in an Instant: the littlest bits


this was a week I almost didn’t want to write about — a week I was in such a hurry to put behind me, I wasn’t sure I wanted to remember at all …

but then, there was something more.

Those tiny, little almost seemingly insignificant moments. The ones that end up candy coating your day, filling up your heart and giving you that extra little boost you need to keep on going.

For every obstacle I faced this week, there are at least 10 of those tiny little wonder full moments to take its place … and when I think about it in those terms, all I can think is: “well then life, Bring It ON!” The good and the bad, the ups and the downs, the round and the rounds; I don’t want to miss a beat cause when it comes right down to it — it’s not the speed bumps we’re supposed to be focusing on.

It’s those tiny little bits.

And for those, I’ll keep on keeping on.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you inspiring Momma’s out there!

Even when things seem overwhelming, I hope you can focus on those tiny moments that make life wonderful. I hope you can even capture a few of them on film, and take a quick moment to share them with us here. I so love to see what each of you are up to!

Life in an Instant
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