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Silly, yet serious

This kid ;)


Silly, yet serious.

That’s the best way to describe this little one right now. One minute she is all smiles and giggles and and the next she’s soulful; deep in contemplation, so quiet and demure.

She’s changing everyday, yet it is me who seems foreign to her. It’s a delicate time for the two of us, I catch her looking at me with those big blue eyes, so uncertain and so speculative. I can feel her beginning to pull away from me now — not quite sure how my role as a mother is going to fit in to her big, new and evolving life.

I knew this time would come for us, but I never dreamed it would start so soon. I feel as if we’re in the middle of some pre scripted dance routine, one I’ve danced a time or two before … yet in much smaller shoes. My first reaction is to hold on tight and never let her go, but I know that is not, nor can not be the answer. Instead, for now, I’ve chosen to show her how much I love her at least as often as I tell her. To listen to what she’s saying and offer her the biggest gift I know how: all my heart and all of my head. I can use these two not to lead her in life, but rather to guide her down this new path she is carving out as her own.

Most of all it seems these days I am hoping. Hoping that some how, some way deep down on the inside, she gets me. Gets me in a way I never really got my Mom, at least not until I was a mother myself. I’m also hoping she might stay my sweet and silly serious little girl for just a little longer …


What special moments did you capture this week?

Life in an Instant
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