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on gearing up & winding down

Oh April, you old stinker you! Somehow you passed me by and I hardly even noticed — all the good months seem to do that don’t they? This month seemed so much faster than the others that I have to keep reminding myself it’s almost gone.

We were fortunate to have the Mr. around for a few weeks in a row this time. It’s always harder to let him go again, after we’ve had a chance to feel what “normal” feels like for awhile.

The kids have been sensing it, each morning they run into our room like its Christmas, only instead of Santa they are looking for Daddy.

So very sweet and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Relieved each day when I tell them, today is not that day.

I can’t tell you how much I am already dreading Tuesday morning.

April 2012

Thankfully we have plenty of memories from April to get us through, so much to look back on and smile about — Birthdays and anniversaries, easter egg hunts and movie nights, fly fishing lessons and fresh baked cookies. All those moments that make a life well lived.

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5 thoughts on “on gearing up & winding down”

  • I’ll be thinking of your family tomorrow. You do have many beautiful April memories (it DID go by too quickly) to fall back upon. So, think of these and come back to this post often. And, hopefully his time away will go by as quickly as April did when he was home. And, our daughter wants me to make sure I tell you we love your fun cake!

  • Yay for sweet memories! Boo for sad goodbyes! I can’t imagine how tough it is to be separated. Thank goodness kids are resilient and adapt even if it is a challenge at times. April was a hectic month for us and I’m looking forward to the slow pace of summer that lies ahead. Sweet family photos!

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