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pretty cool news

Hey folks,

Stopping in to share some PRETTY COOL NEWS with you … you know Melissa & Doug? That toy company you just can’t get enough of, the ones with the super cool puzzles, the incredible play food, the educational toys your children love as much as you do … well,they opened up a small blog ambassadorship recently.

They started off with some pretty amazing talent

Val of Inner Child Fun (formerly Frugal Family Fun) and Amy of Teach Mama

And now they’re introducing a 3rd ….

Any guesses on who it will be?

Oh my Gosh, it’s me! (please excuse the photo, really need to get someone to take more pics of ME!)

I can hardly believe I was chosen for this OR that I get to work with such talented bloggers and get to know them in real life too! I’ve been following Val for years, she’s one of the reasons I started this blog and it’s been such a joy to get to know her. You guys know I blog for the friendships anyway, so getting to hang out (online) with Val & Amy is a real treat. Anyway, on to the part YOU care about … this is great news not just for me, but for you as well.

Melissa & Doug make truly fabulous toys, (trust me — we have a ton of them!) and part of the perks of being a blog ambassador is getting to try out new toys when they come out and even sharing a few with you! I can’t wait to introduce you to the new Sunny Patch line. I just know you’re going to love it, sand cupcakes anyone?

seaside sand cupcakes

I’ll be getting my first batch of toys soon and will be sure to share the love with you, I’ll also have some other fun promotions coming your way in the near future.

Stay tuned for more …

Update: What a difference a day makes! Two more incredible ladies have joined the Melissa & Doug Blog Amabassador team. I am thrilled to welcome Zina or Let’s Lasso the Moon and Allie of No Time for Flash Cards to the mix. This is going to be so awesome! Wonder if we’ll get to have a slumber party before it’s all over. Now that would be cool.

Do you have any Melissa & Doug toys in your home?
Which ones are your favorite?