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Giant Cookies, Tummy Woes and Rainbows

before & after
Before & After

Daddy came home this week and we were so excited to see him, we gave him all our germs. Now we’re knee deep in to our second round of this bug. It seems to have afflicted everyone, but me … holding out as long as I can … disinfecting everything and trying to make everyone feel better. Crossing my fingers this one passes me by, there are only 27 more days till my first 1/2 marathon and I can’t afford to miss anymore runs or get sick right now …

There were a few bright moments in our otherwise dreary week, we still managed to sneak out for what is quickly becoming our favorite part of the week.

date with the littles I like to think of it as a date with my littles, we sneak away one day during the week after school to walk and talk and check out books and smell flowers and giggle and laugh and just reconnect with each other a bit. It’s such a great way to break up the week and give ourselves something special to look forward to. We just sort of go with the flow and do whatever comes naturally. This week we indulged — a new book, a giant chocolate cookie (split 4 ways) and the most amazing pink lemonade you’ve ever tasted! We rode elevators, listened to our echoes and tried to name all of the flower species we saw along the way.

Oh yeah, and we had the most colorful party EVER!

rainbow partyrainbow pony cake

Can’t wait to tell you all about it … once we’re all better that is …

So what’s going on in your world this week?
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Life in an Instant
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