Modern Farmhouse Source List

Modern Farmhouse

Here’s the source list for the Modern Farmhouse I promised, almost all of these pieces are IKEA. When purchasing from IKEA, use caution. Always check the quality of the item before you buy. Sometimes things that look great online can be of poor quality when you see them in person. Just use your best judgement when shopping there, plenty of fab finds mixed in with some junk.

Kids Farm Room

1. Torva Baby Blanket $15
2. Torva Smultron Baby Bedding $13
3. Torva Strawberry $5
4. Lekfull Land Rug $8
5. Barnslig Randig Curtains $25
6. Trofast Storage Unit $224
7. Linnarp Desk $119
8. Soft Farmhouse Toy $20
9. Soft Vegetable Toy $8
10. Blue Plaid Sheet Set $15
11. Red Storage Ottoman $20 (No longer online)

Hope this list helps someone out there, oh yeah and I found an alternate red storage cubby for $20 … just have to find my notes … and I’ll update the link.

There are 11 of you waiting for room boards of your own right now. I’ll post a list on my sidebar so you can keep track and see what number you are. I’m excited to share two new room boards with you I really love. Having so much fun with these! Thanks guys


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