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Life in an Instant: The days before Christmas

This week marked the start of my favorite time of year, the time when people & things start to slow themselves down just a little bit. Where our focus is shifted more towards stuff that really matters and family time comes pretty close to all of the time.

Sure, we’re all still crazy busy, yet somehow we manage to juggle time a little better and squeeze in some neat memories in the process. That’s what this week’s Life in an Instant post has been about for me. Maybe yours was different and that’s alright, I still really want to see what you’ve been up to all week.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

You can tell from the photos we like to express ourselves with hats a lot! From safari hats to santa hats, teddy bear toboggans to full transformers head pieces — Anything goes. Her eyes in that transformer shot just melt my heart, so much sweetness wrapped up in to one spunky little girl. It really is fun to watch her.

The photos you’re seeing here are all snippets of our Countdown to Christmas tradition. I’ll admit we have had to adapt our plans significantly now that we have one child in school. I think the face of this tradition has changed for us forever, but we’re still plugging away making it a season to remember even if our activity of the day was just an hour long trip to the post office and a stroll through the fancy food store (third row – middle pic).

The lesson I’m learning this year is it doesn’t really matter what the activity is as long as we’re together, our hearts are in it and our attitudes are in the right places. Mine, maybe even more than theirs.

I’m curious, what lessons are you learning this year? 

Now it’s your turn, show me your life this week captured in instants

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