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Life is Better with Friends

Life is better with friends

29 months ago I left behind life as I had come to know it, to embark on a new journey. A journey, I had dreamed of since the moment my first child was born. It was a huge step, one that involved flying across oceans, saying goodbye to friends who had become family, shedding my identity and moving to a place where I knew no one.

Life should have been wonderful, I had everything I had ever wanted. A handsome, albeit absent husband. Three wonderful, very active children. A home I could finally call my own. A colorful city just waiting to be explored.

Still, something was missing. A hole that grew bigger and demanded more of my attention than I wanted to give it. A hole, I started to fall in to … sacrificing happiness in other areas of my life for all the time I spent focusing on how large it was becoming.

It’s been a long, slow crawl to get where I am today. It has not been easy. In fact, it has been incredibly lonely. But, I am finally on the edge of something wonderful, peeking in, dipping my toes and testing the waters. I’m so excited to say, the water feels great. I’m this <> close to diving in and all I can say, is ….

Life is certainly better with friends!!!

And you wonderful ladies have been such an important part of this realization, I don’t know what I would have done without you! Please accept this Big GIANT {{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}} from me!! And if you’re willing, leave me one of your own in the comments. It’s a love fest y’all and everyone’s invited.

I think I am finally able to cast my worries aside and blog from my heart, finally able to talk to you as if we were the bestest of friends because in my eyes we already are!! and I hope you feel that way too.

Mwah, I love you guys!


Stacy is seeing the world in a whole new way – through the eyes of her children. She writes about the little things, the big things and all the “stuff” in between at Kids Stuff World.

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17 thoughts on “Life is Better with Friends”

    • There’s no way you’re stepping foot in my neck of the woods without my seeing you in person! That would be so awesome, can’t wait till next summer.

  • Aaww, this is such a sweet post! I seriously understand what it’s like to up and move to where you know noone. That’s been my life for the past 20 years or so. But the experiences are endless, and just imagine, you have more new and amazing people to fill your life with. They all bring such wonderfulness in such different ways.

    So sweet! And so glad I ‘met’ you here. xx

    • Kymmie, I am so glad we met too! You are one of my dearest blogging friends, even if we are almost a world apart. That’s my favorite part of blogging, distance has nothing to do with it. Thanks for hanging out with me and taking lots of pictures of yourself, makes me feel as if I’m right there with you!

  • Friends are the icing on the cake of life. Or something sweet like that! I’m so glad we’re getting to know each other. I had a great time talking to you and Laura the other day. Looking forward to seeing you and your cute gang again soon.

    • So well put … and you know how much I love icing & cake! Almost as much as chocolate and ice cream :) I’m really glad we are too!!! You have no idea how much our chat the other day meant to me, I can’t wait till our next rendezvous. I’m betting the kids can’t either, they are big fans of D. & W.

  • Yep, Cha Cha and I talked at length about you on Friday and how much we both adore you. I am blessed to be able to call you my REAL LIFE friend now and I am so grateful!

    Did you see what I did with the sacks you gave me? I can’t wait for you to see it in person. Lisa~

    • Really? Wow, now that does make me feel special! You too are both tops in my books, so that is a real compliment. I did see what you did with them … WOW!! and I can not wait to come and try them out for you! :) Thanks for being a great friend Lisa!

    • Me too Michelle! Me too, thanks for the kind words, you know they go right back to you too. So excited for our big day coming up, I know the kids will be too

  • Dear Stacy,
    I am so glad I came here today and read this heart-felt post from you. First and foremost – a BIG warm hug to you, friend. I can totally understand what you mean when you refer to the ‘hole’. Life may get busy with kids and home and work but the gap that’s left behind for lack of friends cannot be filled by any book, music or even family.
    I am so glad that you are writing from your heart -for this blog. It comes across, dear. We get the vibes when we read your posts :)
    And yes, you are so right – distance is no barrier when it comes to connecting and making friends. I am so glad our paths crossed and I came to ‘meet’ you and be your friend. I hope we can always remain this way and more…
    Massive rainbow hugs :)

    • Rashmie! You are too kind. You have played a big part in filling not only this hole but a lack of confidence I had in myself. I will treasure our friendship forever and hope someday we can even meet in real life! I love following you & Pari on your adventures and learning along the way. Massive rainbow hugs is by far the coolest thing I have ever heard, think this will become a new phrase in my vocabulary.

      • Stacy,
        I don’t know how I may have boosted your confidence; YOU are too kind to say that… :) I am keen to nurture our friendship and let’s hope we can meet some day…
        And, right now, right here – I invite you to come visit us, whenever you can, to my country India and to our home :)
        Isn’t this phrase “Massive Rainbow Hugs” the loudest and clearest way to declare your joy and love? :)

    • You know!! I’m talking about you here. You have become a really close friend to me and I’m glad we’re finding ways to spend time together. Can’t wait for the ladies lunch!!

  • Stacy, Your hugs are the best. I’m sure they are even better in person:-). In the past few months of tweeting, you have done so much for me. You kind words always make me smile even on the worst of days. And you are always here to cheer me up and you give me hope. You reaching out to me and being such a wonderful friend has brightened up my life. So here is a great big ((((((HUG)))))) back! You are a true friend!

    • Kim, you are a big part of this post yourself! You life me up just as I do you. I’m always happy to see you online. I’m glad we are able to do that for each other. Thanks so much for the hug :) can’t wait to get my real one!!

      Your very true friend,

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