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Sriracha Tuna Fish Sandwich

Sriracha Tuna Fish Sandwich

Lunch has really been looking up around these parts the last few weeks thanks to a sweet friend of mine. You know the type, the one who whenever you hear they’re cooking for a party or that they might be bringing an item to a certain get together, you just FIND a way to be there. Well, that’s my friend Jun.

We knew she had talent way back in the day, but I was so incredibly proud of her when she packed her things and followed her dreams across the Atlantic to fancy cooking school (a dream we share by the way). Not that she ever needed to. I mean, I’ve never met a dish of hers I didn’t like, from French Toast to Sushi Rolls to downhome Ribs & Mac N Cheese or the Cheesecake, oh the cheesecake – mmmm.

Lucky for you, I like to share. Now Jun can be “that” friend to you too.

Spice up your tuna sandwich with this asian inspired version with sriracha and green onions!

I’m in love with her asian take on the typical tuna sandwich. Let me tell you, there’s nothing typical about this version (sesame seeds and sriracha¬†sauce).

I must have tried it 10 times already, I’d share the recipe but I’d rather you stop by her little house on the beach and tell her I said Hi! It won’t take you long till you’re as hooked on her as I am.

Recipe found here:  Asian Tuna Salad

Love you Sweet Jun :)

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