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Do What You Can

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Every now and then, I just need someone to stop me from whatever it is that I am doing and say these words to me. I thought about setting a recurring reminder on my phone, but I’d so much rather it be you. Would you be so kind? Do you need a reminder of your own? I’d be happy to return the favor. ♥♥♥


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8 thoughts on “Do What You Can”

    • Exactly!! That’s what it meant to me and then some when I came across it yesterday. I’ve ben trying to spruce things around the house up a bit and found myself getting carried away looking for new things. After seeing this quote, I “shopped” my house and found I had pretty much everything I needed right here at home. Didn’t you just get rid of your car? I was thinking about you when I did my ecological footprint for school last week. You have no idea how much it means to the environment, I’ll see if I can’t track down the stats for you, but definitely something you can share with your girls to make you all feel proud about what you’re doing. How’s it going by the way?

  • I often tell myself as long as I’m moving forward Im making progress in all things. Moving forward as in now falling back into comparing my life or possessions to others, curbing the people pleasing and anxieties that come when I don’t go to Jesus first thing in the morning! I love the quote by the way!

  • This is definitely a great reminder for everyone all the time. I wonder, too, if it’s not especially good at this point in the year. Everyone is about six weeks into their resolutions (if they made any) and might be struggling just a tad.

    Dreaming big is good–but sometimes you have to make do and push through. :)

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