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DIY Halloween Decorations

DIY Halloween Decorations

I think Halloween is as fun as the next person, but I have a hard time swallowing the news that it is the 2nd largest grossing merchandising holiday next to Christmas. Something about that just makes me really sad, besides I just have better things to spend my money on.

That’s why whenever possible I try to use recycled items or items that I can repurpose again later for my Halloween decor that don’t take up huge amounts of space in my garage. Here’s a few of my decorations from last year and in the next post, I’ll tell you a few news ones I’m planning to add this year.

Love these cute little Mr. Pumpkin Heads

Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkinheads: I got these at Target a while back on clearance. They are even more adorable in person and even though they aren’t made from recycled items, they are small and I can use them again year after year.

The infamous poster board bats: These guys blew me away in an episode of last year and I just knew they were the way to go for our outdoor decor. I put them on the front door, the front porch and a huge swath of them on the garage door too. They looked outstanding but didn’t take long to fade in the Texas sun. I suggest putting them up as close to Halloween as possible.

Time to start saving our milk jugs so we can make these milk jug ghosts!

Spirit Jugs: With 3 little ones, I go through an enormous amount of milk jugs, so this craft was right up my alley. Milk jugs, a sharpie and an exacto knife are all you need to make these ghost faces. Stuff them with christmas lights and let them light up your walkway. So fun! And cute too

Mums!!: I got my mums for $1. 49 on sale at the local Garden Center and they bloomed and rebloomed all year. I’m planning to get a ton more for this year. He then taught for a time at mcgill university, buy an essay online in montreal, canada.

These paper pumpkins are my favorite Halloween decoration each year

Modern Pumpkins: It doesn’t get any easier than construction paper. I will have to search for the link to this one, because I think everyone should make a few. Seven strips of paper cut at alternating length and then stapled together on the ends. Voila, modern pumpkin ornaments


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