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Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

I know a certain little someone turning three years old at the end of this month. Her mother is one of my best online buds and we’ve been searching for some gifts to make her birthday extra special.

Mom found this Fold & Go Dollhouse by Melissa & Doug ($32.50) which I think is pretty outstanding. So outstanding, one might be making its way in to our home on the next holiday.

Still, I wanted to give Mom a few more options for the birthday girl … here’s a list of toys that should last & hold a child’s attention for more than just a few minutes. Many of these toys are either in my home now, like a toy in our home now, or are on a list of toys that may be in our home soon.
Gift Guide for 3 Year Old Girls
1. Zanimoferme by Djeco – We don’t have this set but I’m a huge fan of Djeco and I just know Sweet would enjoy playing with this. She loves to build farms out of blocks and put all her little animals inside so this would be an extension of what she already loves. ($19.99)

2. B. Meowsic Keyboard by Branford- We’ve had this piano for months and it still gets lots of playtime. It’s extremely durable, plays over 20 songs & sounds and has a working microphone. All three of my children enjoy it. ($24.99)

3. The Picnic Game by Eeboo – I adore just about everything EeBoo puts out and I have a feeling this board game will be no exception. Sweet is very much in to board games right now (3.5 yo) although she doesn’t always play by the rules. This game not only leads to imaginary picnic play time (or perhaps even real ones) but also teaches her how to make balanced meals. How cool is that? Did I mention it comes with a red checkered cloth :) ($14)

4. Slice & Bake Cookie Set by Melissa & Doug – We got this set for Christmas last year and still play with it several times a week. Surprisingly enough we can still find almost all of the pieces. ($15)

5. My Real Digital Camera from Little Tikes – Well Boo! I was super excited about this adorable camera & was eager to get a pink one for Sweet & a blue one for Happy. I found it on the Little Tikes website but changed my mind when I read the reviews on Amazon. Looks like I’ll be looking for a replacement for this one. Anyone know of a great digital camera for little ones?

6. Eco-Friendly Tea Set from Green Toys – We love this tea set, we used it today actually to drink Sun Tea & nibble on Ghirardelli brownies. Personally, I think it is uber cool because it is made from recycled milk jugs! ($17)

7. Cupcake Stand by KidKraft – I think you are starting to get a glimpse of my obsession with play food. Not sue if it has something to do with my family roots growing up in restaurants or what? But I admit it, I am hooked. This one is a winner for me because it’s mix & match, cute on a shelf and my 1 year old loves to play with it too. ($20)

8. Dog & Carrier Set – These are every where right now, I know because every where we go my daughter grabs as many of them as her little arms can carry and hauls them all over the store. Then I have to plead with her to put them all back and leave empty handed. I’m sad this one is SOLD OUT already, I’ll try and find another nice quality version and get back with you … but in the meantime check out #9.

9. Disney Fairies Pet Doctor Set – This cute little play set comes with a play syringe, a note pad, a stethoscope and a little lightening bug. Tons of opportunities for all sorts of play. Sometimes Sweet cares for the bug, more often than not she is doctoring me as I lay “ill” on the floor and the cute carrier … well, she uses it to carry around her quilted puppy from Barnes & Noble ($18)

Have a child you need help shopping for? Email me at [email protected] – I’d love to help


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  • Thank you for share your experience and i also want to share that
    3-year-old baby is a complex person now — with thoughts, interests, and greater control of her body. She’s also got a longer attention span, so she can focus on make-believe, games, craft projects, and more.

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