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Afternoon Delight

This post is part of the Best Days series (more info on Best Days coming soon)

Little Ones,
Our second summer in Texas is in full swing and we are doing our best to stay outdoors as much as we can while staying semi-cool in the process. This means we try to go out early in the mornings or later in the afternoons.

Daddy has been traveling a lot (about 3 weeks a month) and we’ve been doing our best to find fun things to do while he’s away. You’ve been such troopers through all the transitions and are truly growing up right before my eyes. It saddens me almost as much as it amazes me how much your are learning and changing each and every day. Happy, you live to build and create things and are always happiest when we are outdoors. Sweet, you’ve been on a quiet art kick for a few weeks now and I thought it would be nice if I could find away to combine all your interests. (Little, right now you’re just happy to be involved in any project Big Brother & Sister are doing)


Painting the sidewalks sounded like the perfect idea and boy did you guys have fun with it! We filled Daddy’s car wash bucket (another of your FAVORITE activities) with some water and I gave each of you a paint brush. We brought out the sidewalk chalk paints we made and you guys went to town painting your masterpieces.



Painting the sidewalk

It didn’t take long before Sweet got the idea to paint herself. (Every art project we do usually ends up this very same way )

Painting Toes

Here you had just finished painting your toes candy pink (nice color choice)

Girl Painting Sidewalk

I promise everyone had a blast despite these next few snapshots

Feeling Frustrated

Angry Guy

It seems some of us still haven’t grasped the whole concept of sharing.


This is pretty much what our whole week looked like. Afternoons on the driveway (the only patch of shade in our yard), laughing, joking, being together, and having a good time. We even ate dinner out here a few times and Boy, Oh Boy … did that make me the coolest Mom on the block. :)

I love you guys and our lazy summer afternoons.

Hugs & Kisses


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