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Everyday is a Holiday

I have always loved the holidays, I might even, love all of the preparation ~ the build up and anticipation ~ even more than the big day itself. I love the gatherings, the cooking, the nice gestures to neighbors and random acts of kindness you see among strangers. I love searching for the perfect gift, spreading yule tide cheer, adorning my home in all things sparkly and twinkly … but most of all, I am falling in love with impressing my visions for the holidays upon my children. This year, I feel as if I’ve found the perfect balance to tie my love for the holidays, my family, Jesus, shopping and arts and crafts {in no particular order} into one fantastically creative and enjoyable time of year.

It all started with a grand plan to complete one fun activity with my children every day until Christmas, and it turns out this small afternoon activity with my kids is all it took to keep everyone feeling grounded and well in tuned to the true meaning of the holiday season.

To make the events even more special, I found this Advent Calendar download from Cici Art Factory and customized it with my own list of toddler appropriate Holiday fun. I’ll print my list below and link up to any photos/tutorials I might add in the coming weeks of all the fun we’ve had.

Dec 1: Recycled Trees, Hot Cocoa and FREE Christmas Tunes
Dec 2: DIY Paper Plate Bow Wreaths and Gingerbread Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches
Dec 3: Jingle Bell Bracelets & Jingle Bell Rockin Around the House
Dec 4: Handmade Reindeer and the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Classic
Dec 5: Choosing the Perfect Tree
Dec 6: Trimming the Tree
Dec 7: Stained Glass Christmas Trees
Dec 8: Gingerbread Man Garland
Dec 9: Salty Snow Prints
Dec 10: Snowman Hand Ornaments
Dec 11: Making Christmas Lists
Dec 12: Pictures w/ Santa
Dec 13: A Christmas Light Spectacular Car Ride
Dec 14: Bake Gifts for the Neighbors
Dec 15: Dollar Store Christmas Shopping
Dec 16: Christmas Socks Day!!
Dec 17: Our First Trip to the Movies – Princess & The Frog
Dec 18: Snowmen Shirts
Dec 19: 4yr Old Birthday Party!! Complete w/ Nana & Papa
Dec 20: DIY Snow Globes
Dec 21: Christmas at the Zoo
Dec 22: Felt Snowmen Storyboards & Frosty the Snowman
Dec 23: Baking Cookies for Santa
Dec 24: Family in Jammies Party
Dec 25: Christmas Day!!


Stacy is seeing the world in a whole new way – through the eyes of her children. She writes about the little things, the big things and all the “stuff” in between at Kids Stuff World.

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9 thoughts on “Everyday is a Holiday”

  • I love EVERYDAY is a HOLIDAY!! ohhhh so true…

    And what a FANTASTICALLY fun idea… My fav is your family in jammies party. Hope to see pics of that one and everything on your list. ho ho ho!

    ENJOY your EVERYDAY fun!

    • I adore that each day is filled with memory making moments. Yesterday Thurgood and I decorated a gingerbread house. Thank you Walmart for pre-assembled houses! Tonight was my grandma’s Christmas party at her retirement village. I might steal a few of these ideas….LOVE them. Thank you my dear.


  • I love all of these! I’m determined plan it all out next year! We did the salt prints last year and will be doing them again soon :) I have to agree, my fav is the pajama party too!!!

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