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What to wear for Family Portraits

You may recall a few weeks ago we offered our services FOR FREE to any willing takers for all matters decor, style, and shopping. The perfect gift from us to you, just in time for the holiday season. Well, today – we had our first opportunity to help a friend out with a style dilemma.

Many of you may already know Jackie from her fantabulous site, Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle {how can you not love her with a website name like that}. Jackie found herself in quite a conundrum when preparing for family portraits this week. I know the feeling – I usually end up buying WAY TOO MANY pieces and then throwing it all together at the last minute. Fortunately, Jackie had purchased some amazing pieces but asked for a little help pulling all the outfits together. Here’s what we recommended for her outdoor photoshoot:


Jackie had already purchased that scrumptious cardigan for herself, the floral dress and both pairs of Old Navy shoes for her daughters, and a similar brown sweater for her husband. We recommended she pick up the sweater coat, skirt and tights from BabyGap and the vintage style top also from Anthropologie.

How adorable will this family be posing in these woods and on this bridge. Jackie, we hope you have a wonderful photo shoot and we can’t wait to see your pictures!

Scott Criswell Photography

We hope you enjoyed this post. Do you need some stylist advice of your own? Or would you like to gift someone a virtual wardrobe this Christmas? Great, we’d love to help you out and who can turn down FREE gifts? Just email us and we’ll shoot you a copy of our personalized questionnaire to get started on your new look. Psst, don’t forget to tell your friends about our fun, FREE services

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