Family Time – Snow White Movie Night

Halloween may be over, but chances are your child is still craving a little dress up time and imaginative play. What better way to give in to their desires, than with a themed movie night that is bound to be fun for your whole family!

I’m starting a new KSW series, I’ll call – Family Movie Nights – it’s kind of fitting that our first movie in the series is known as The One That Started Them All,  the first animated feature film in America, ~*~*~ Snow White ~*~*~. From time to time, KSW will feature fun ideas for family togetherness that will not only help bring your family closer but also build lasting memories you will cherish for years to come.

Make an evening at home a little more interesting by inserting a few fun activities and creative treats into the mix. Personalize the experience for your kids but Keep it Simple by focusing on these three areas – Create, Eat & Watch


The Snow White Crown is perfect for your little princess and adds some flair to your existing dress-up collection

The adorable felt broom works for boys or girls and will look super cute in your child’s play room

What could be more fun than creating your own version of the seven dwarves with recycled toilet paper rolls- I can almost hear them now, Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it’s off to work we go

Snow White Coloring PagesHave your kids color these FREE Snow White Coloring pages and use them as placemats


Anything made from apples or in miniature {cause of the dwarves} will work but I’m loving the idea of serving a crisp juicy apple, alongside a few of these witch hat cookies. My family made these for Halloween, they’re the perfect cookie project for toddlers.

Or take the apple theme a step further: Set up DIY Candy Apple assembly area with a few containers of chocolate, caramel, and nuts and let the kids do the rest.


You could even whip up seven easy pies


Snow White Movie Night Ideas

The brand-new Diamond Collection includes a Blu-Ray, high-definition version of the movie, a DVD copy of the film, and several bonus features not included on the 2001 DVD. KSW was given a promotional copy for review and was super impressed by the color quality of this picture.

Why We Love It: We love a movie with a message and this one has quite a few. There’s the obvious lessons for the kids – Don’t Accept Gifts from Strangers and What’s on the inside is even more beautiful than what’s on the outside, but there’s even a message behind the scenes in Snow White. You see, this movie is a true testament to the phrase Triumph over Adversity. You see, Walt Disney met quite a bit of resistance from friends, family and business partners while trying to produce this film. Despite even his wife’s pleas to halt production, Disney followed his heart and mortgaged his home to complete the film. And we’re so thrilled he did!

Why Diamond Edition You Ask? It’s like getting 2 movies for the price of one – If you’re like me than you have a stack of movies suitable for your children to take on long trips or to frineds and Grandma’s house. Then, you have your Disney Classics tucked away for safe keeping gathering dust on your shelf and being reserved for special occasions. Well, not anymore … You get one version, the Blu-Ray as a keepsake copy for your home and another DVD version that you can take with you wherever you go. Keep the Blu- Ray version in your home for family nights :) and carry the normal DVD version with you in the car, to a friends house, on a plane, whatever – whenever – whereever.

This is Disney’s first release in the “Diamond Collection” series of movies, get your copy from Amazon for just $19.99 & FREE shipping with Amazon Prime





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  1. Brenda says

    I love the broom and the candy apples. I’ll have to make those with our Snow White “Sister’s Night”. Thanks for the idea

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