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KSW’s Handmade Toddler Costumes



I’ve gotten alot of requests recently to share my personal creations here on the website, and there’s something I must confess — while I have no issue publishing all the creative things I find during my countless hours scouring the Blog World, I’m a bit camera shy when it comes to publishing my own endeavors. Nevertheless, I’ve been working up the courage for quite some time now and I guess if I have to make a personal debut … what better time then now!

These were my toddlers handmade costumes last year and they were quite a hit with my kids and the neighborhood. I made them, literally, at the last minute {at work even, shhh}. In fact, I got about halfway through with them and was called away to an important meeting {I spent the entire meeting imagining my fate as the Worst Mother Ever and my kids not having any costumes for trick-or-treating}. Fortunately for me, I happened to work with the best darned group of people in the entire Air Force {world even} and when I got back to my office – well after quitting time, I found these sitting on our conference table – THE MOST ADORABLE CARDBOARD HORSES I had ever layed eyes on. I still get teary eyed just thinking about my team of Airmen cutting templates, gluing eyes and ears, and curling ribbons together ~ all in the name of Halloween.

Now that’s a great Halloween story, don’t you think? I can make this template available if anyone should request it.


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