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KSW At Your Service

I thought it was about time we try something a little bit different here at KSW. Something fun for everyone ~ a tad indulgent ~ call it a KSW Guilty Pleasure, if you will. For the next several months, I have decided to offer some FREE services to my readers. Thats right, FREE. No strings attached. We could all use something FREE right about now, right?

Option 1: FREE Kids Room or Nursery Inspiration Board

Expecting a little one or thinking of changing your nursery into a big kid room? Why not let KSW help you design your new space FOR FREE! All you have to do is give us a starting point for your design. This could be a favorite color, a wall color you already have, a piece of furniture, a theme or even your child’s favorite TV show or stuffed animal. We’ll take it from there and work with you to create the space of your dreams within your chosen budget.

Examples of our inspiration boards: Nursery or Toddler Room

Option 2: FREE Personal Stylist Services

Find it literally impossible to shop for yourself these days? Do you have a hard time dressing your new body type after kids? No problem! Tell me a bit about yourself – your daily activities, your personal style, your favorite stores, your clothing budget and I’ll whip up a few fantastic new looks to take you through Fall & Winter.

Examples of Stylist Services: Colorful, Yet Comfortable , Weekend with Kids

Option 3: FREE Personal Shopper

Have a ton of folks to shop for this holiday season? Do you get a headache just thinking about it? Allow KSW to take a little pressure off of you this holiday season … send us an email telling us a bit about who you’re shopping for, your preferences {handmade, eco-friendly, etc} and the price range you’re willing to spend, then sit back, put your feet up, and leave the shopping to us. We’ll send you three great gift ideas and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.  Go on, give it a try ~ what have you got to lose besides some hard to find quality time with your family this holiday season.

Examples of our Personal Shopping Services: Easter , Valentine’s Day, Earth Day

There you have it ~ three fabulous, fun, FREE services at your disposal. To take advantage of  one or ALL of these service, just sent us an email, leave a comment on this post, or type a message on our FB discussion boards. We’ll feature the final outcome with our readers so everyone can benefit from these FREE services. I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for me. Go ahead, give it a try.


Stacy is seeing the world in a whole new way – through the eyes of her children. She writes about the little things, the big things and all the “stuff” in between at Kids Stuff World.

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11 thoughts on “KSW At Your Service”

  • I can vouch for Stacy! She designed a nursery idea board for me and my son and we LOVED her ideas. She put lots of time and thought into it, just for the sake of being nice. :) The world could use more Stacys.

    • Kelsey – This was by far the nicest comment I have ever received – I will cherish it FOREVER! You were so much fun to work with, such a different nursery than what you usually see these days. I’m working up a new page for the site and your design board will be on there. You’re board is also featured on my FB page. I’m so happy to see you still peeking in from time to time (I do the same thing on your site as well)

  • Is there any chance you’re still offering this? I am really stuck in what to do for a nursery for baby #2 of unknown gender.

  • Christina, sure we are and I would love to help you out in any way I can. I’ll send you an email right now to get all the details on your plan so I can get started right away, Looking forward to it :)

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