Clever Upcycling Project! $3 Goodwill find turns colorful Lego Friends display storage / dollhouse

A colorful way to display all those LEGO minifigures!

You’ll love this kid-approved afternoon craft project from Design Improvised,  such a sweet way to store and display all those LEGO minifigures! Do you have a LEGO obsessed kiddo at home? Or maybe one that has figurines of their favorite characters all over the house? Then I have the perfect kid-approved project for you! This […]

Who wants pancakes? Lots of great pancake recipes here

Pancake Recipes So Good, They’ll Make Your Whole Weekend

Pancakes. Piping hot, fluffy, good old-fashioned melt in your mouth pancakes. That’s the stuff childhood memories are made of and the kind of thing that can transport you right back to your grandma’s house when you were little with just one syrup-y bite. Mmmm, I love pancakes. Who doesn’t, right? I mean they are basically […]

Paper Flower Crown (1 of 24)

The cutest paper flower crowns you ever did see! (w/ photo tutorials)

My neighbor’s daffodils popped up a few weeks ago – they’re an unusual sight in our neighborhood since a) they’re not really a Texas friendly flower and b) the deer usually eat them before anyone sees they’ve blossomed. They are still holding strong and combined with the warmish weather we just enjoyed, I’m craving a […]

22 Acts of Kindness You Can Do THIS Week | Love the idea of helping our children develop compassion and empathy by starting with simple kindness! And a lot of these don't require any prep work!

22 Kid-Approved Acts of Kindness You Can Do THIS Week

Has anyone else noticed how crazy easy it is to get overwhelmed with all of the things we want to teach and work on with our kids? We see their struggles and insecurities, and we want to take each one head on. But for me at least, wanting to do everything usually leaves me doing a dozen […]


Everything tastes better with fresh ingredients, including this simple frittata recipe on

Become Queen of Your Kitchen With These Easy Frittata Tips

I taught myself to make my first frittata while I was home on maternity leave with my first child. Have you ever tried to make one? A frittata is an egg-based Italian dish similar to an omelet or even a crustless quiche. There seems to be a misconception floating around that frittatas are difficult things […]

I know a girl, she puts the color inside of my world.

Simple DIY Watercolor Wall Art

I know a girl. She puts the color inside my whole world. maybe you’ve seen her taking a more hands-on, behind the scenes role around here? Post by Kids Stuff World. She’s always inspiring and has more creative talent than I know what to do with, she’s my daily muse … and she’s growing up, […]


Family Fun Guide: St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Need help thinking of creative ways to make this a day to remember? This family fun guide is full of playful ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as a family. You’ll find plenty of cute crafts, tasty recipes, and fun activities from around the web to help […]

Cute ideas for kids

Kids Rooms & Things on the Brain

Spring has not yet sprung. But that isn’t stopping the tinges of spring fever I feel coming on. I’ve got kids rooms, and home decorating projects and bright colors on the brain … if you can’t tell. We are moving closer to the day when Sweet will move into a room of her own (tear). […]

simple tips for planning an amazing gender neutral shower your mom to be will love!

Planning a Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Have you ever planned a gender neutral baby shower? A lot of people struggle with the gender neutral shower — no pink? too much blue? … are you relegated to using only yellows and greens? Heck no! Gender Neutral Baby Showers, baby showers in general aren’t what they used to be!! Sure you could spend […]

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everything you need to make your own musical instruments for kids, lots of recyclables

Musical Instruments for Kids to Make

I am a big believer in child-led activities. So when my kids saw Curious George make instruments out of recyclables, they were eager to do the same. Of course, I jumped at the chance. We spent the entire afternoon painting, dreaming, and making a whole band’s worth of instruments. Best of all, they have been […]

A week's worth of meals kids are sure to love!

What happens when kids choose their own meals for a week?

It’s been months since we’ve shared a weekly meal plan with you and boy are we excited to bring this feature back! It’s become not only a reader favorite, but also a huge help at home too. If you’re new to these meal plans, you would typically find a collection of healthy, and easy meals […]

Decorating Kids Rooms With Art

Decorating Kids Rooms With Art

There’s no denying it, my daughter LOVES art. She is happiest when she is creating and because she shares a bedroom with her two brothers (for the moment), it was very important to make her corner of the room all her own. Using her own art to decorate was an obvious and practical way to […]

MMm, blackberries and granola

Try this: Blackberry Lemon Parfaits

Guess who popped in for breakfast this morning. Hint, his last name is berry and it’s been a LONG, LONG winter since he was on sale like this. We couldn’t resist ourselves – I’ve been grabbing up berries like they are going out of business and I am not sorry one bit about it, sorry […]


Winter Walk: Recharge with Nature

Hi, new friends! I’m Lacy from Living on Love. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be a new contributor here at Kids Stuff World. I am eager to get to know you all and hope you feel the same. One thing my family and I take pride in is making a BIG […]

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