Easiest Halloween Costume EVER! WildStyle from the LEGO Movie

The Easiest (WyldStyle) Wildstyle Lego Movie Costume Ever!

This costume really couldn’t get any easier! All you need to make your own WildStyle (WyldStyle) LEGO Movie Costume is a pen and some paper, a black sweat suit, some bright pink and blue duck tape, scissors, and some hair chalk. To Make Your Own WildStyle (WyldStyle) LEGO Movie Costume Start, by sketching out the […]

Unbloxing creativity with GoldieBlox

A Short Story: Unbloxing Creativity and Making Friends

 but as clever as she was with gadgets and gears, she had trouble being herself around other girls. When friends came over to play, they would usually raid her untouched dress-up bin or redecorate her doll house while she sat close by building cities out of legos or geared up to save endangered stuffed animal […]

Back to school looks for boys from Tea Collection

Back to School with Tea Collection

I can’t believe we are lacing up our shoes and getting ready to go back to school next week. Seriously, I need a few more days, weeks, months to soak up these tiny people before they sprout on me all over again. Over the summer, they have surely grown half a foot. We had to […]

An Encyclopedia of Boredom Busters.

101 Kids Activities to Keep Your Children Entertained

Do you have any little makers in your house? Kids that constantly need to be making or building something or taking something apart to see how it works. I have three of those kids, plus a handful of neighborhood kids who are always looking for something fun to do. We go through TONS of books […]

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Best Christmas Gift I can give this year, an Intel 2n1 laptop

Editor’s Pick: Intel 2 in 1, the best gift I’m giving this year

I’ve got a husband who can build a computer or fix your laptop blindfolded. One of the first big gifts he gave me was a desktop computer he built by himself with all of the latest and greatest components you could find. That’s just the kind of guy he is, and when it comes to […]

Healthy Vegetable Frittata found on, lots of great tips and other flavor combinations too

A Greek Inspired Frittata with Spinach, Tomato and Feta Cheese

Did you catch the easy frittata tips we shared recently? Hopefully after reading them you are excited to whip up a beautiful frittata of your own and if that’s the case then do I have the recipe for you. Here is a greek inspired frittata recipe you can customize however you like! Remember all of […]

Everything tastes better with fresh ingredients, including this simple frittata recipe on

Become Queen of Your Kitchen With These Easy Frittata Tips

I taught myself to make my first frittata while I was home on maternity leave with my first child. Have you ever tried to make one? A frittata is an egg-based Italian dish similar to an omelet or even a crustless quiche. There seems to be a misconception floating around that frittatas are difficult things […]

Add a little something special to your fall tables cape or Thanksgiving table with this handmade salt dough place card DIY.

Make A Personalized Thanksgiving Keepsake: DIY Salt Dough Place Cards

I can’t believe Turkey Day is right around the corner!  There are so many things to love about Thanksgiving: the food, the gratitude, the family time, the pie.  Yes, I think Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday because it is unabashedly centered around food.  I’m always on the hunt for new recipes and Imperial Sugar has an amazing Thanksgiving […]

Love these leggings!!!

How to Make Graffiti Leggings

If you’ve hung out here for any length of time at all, you know my daughter is a 7-year-old creative force to be reckoned with. She sings her own tune and marches to the beat of some super cool drum I only wish I could hear. She is by and far the coolest girl I […]

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Make Rainbow Loom bracelets for a birthday party

The Rainbow Loom Project

Fact: Sweet is turning 7 on Tuesday, and I am not ready! Probably a Fact: We are the only family in America who hasn’t joined in on the Rainbow Loom / rubber band bracelet phenomenon sweeping the country. Well, that’s all about to change. Some friends asked me if I wanted to join in on […]

A company that turns plastic bottles into cool products

Recycling is cool.

Green is good. Recycling is cool. That’s not just something we say around here, we really believe it. My kiddos buy in to it because they know how big I am on it … but they are really acting on blind faith. This year I have set out to not just tell them recycling is […]

Do you know what your clothes are made out of? Love that these favorites of mine are made with Repreve, fiber made from recycled plastic bottles #TurnItGreen

They made that out of what!? Recycled plastic wear

I have 4 very expensive pairs of socks in my closet. I paid more than $10 a piece for them (which makes them pretty much priceless to me), so I only put them on when I really intend to use them. I call them my magic running socks They fit tight and hug my feet […]

Help this little guy plant a forest for his 8th birthday

Simple ways to improve air quality indoors

We’ve really enjoyed the planting a forest campaign this month, together we’ve planted almost 300 trees … but wanted something a little more hands-on. Have you planted your tree yet? If we are truly “planting a forest”, then there needs to be some actual planting going on, am I right! So when we spotted these […]

Simple ways to get your family involved and spreading joy in the community

Spreading Joy and Goodwill in your Community

As my kids get older, I find myself thinking more and more about ways to imprint kindness, generosity, and goodwill on to their hearts. When I sat down to come up with a list of simple ways to spread joy and goodwill in your community, I realized we’re doing a good job already. I truly […]

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